Fusiotech Announces Its New and Improved Hypoxic Systems

Fusiotech has announced they are working on a new and improved Hypoxic System that is already being trailed. Fusiotech continues to work on other technologies, with Hypoxic Systems being one of them.

The France-based, leading technology company, Fusiotech, announced that the company is currently designing and producing a couple of hypoxic systems. The systems have been at work for several years and are now scheduled to be available in the market anytime soon. The purpose of the new systems is to simulate the thin air and high pressure indoors.

Hypoxia has, over the years, found immense popularity amongst athletes who want to increase performance by exercising and practicing at the highest possible altitude. The new systems will make designing and building hypoxic rooms with varying pressures easier and faster. The new systems will soon be integrated into existing rooms in relation to the plans and designs of the building. Fusiotech has said that they "are using the latest research and a team of experts to build the best solution."

Hypoxic environments are ones where the amount of oxygen has been reduced drastically. Reducing oxygen in a room from around 21%, which is a normal atmosphere, down to 16% or 14%, also helps prevent the ignition of common flammable items. In terms of human respiration, the atmosphere is comparable to what passengers may experience on a mountain or plane flying at 2140 meters.

However, some athletes preparing for certain sports may push it further, which allows them to train harder, preparing them for the grueling challenge ahead. Some limited research shows that training in hypoxic environments helps make the lungs larger and increases the number of red blood cells in the body, perfect for runners, cyclists, and other sports.

Readers can find out more about Fusiotech and the latest hypoxic systems by visiting the company’s official website at https://www.dnb.com/business-directory/company-profiles.fusiotech.dec0cc34c9df861082f85a7606677707.html

“We are creating a system that’s easy to install, regulate and maintain.” Said one of the engineers working on the new Hypoxic systems. “Our goal is to eventually have a system that anyone can install their gym, allowing them to drop oxygen levels to what they comfortable training at. Furthermore, the system can also be used to prevent toxic and flammable items from catching fire by sucking out most of the oxygen from the room. However, our systems are still being trailed and honed before being sold.”


Fusiotech is located in VENETTE, HAUTS DE FRANCE, France, and belongs to the computer systems design and other related services industry. FUSIOTECH has two employees at this location and generates $335,523 in sales (USD), making them a fast-growing company.

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