Furnace Replacement in Calgary Offers Solutions For Extreme Cold Weather

The cold weather season is hitting Calgary and the surrounding area this year with extreme temperature levels. Staying warm has to be on the minds of home and business owners throughout the region.

Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning and Anthony Fisher are pleased to announce that they offer furnace replacement in Calgary to area customers. The temperatures this year in Calgary are particularly low. For those who heat with furnaces, the importance of efficiently operating equipment is particularly important. If a furnace is not operating and the temperatures are headed downward, customers don't want to be looking for a solution in the middle of the night. It is far better to plan and prepare in advance to ensure the structure and its inhabitants are warm and comfortable, regardless of the temperatures outdoors.

According to a spokesperson for Harmony, "The typical life of a furnace is only fifteen to twenty years, so if your equipment is nearing that age, it is time to contact us about a replacement. Calgary's cold climate is not something to be ignored. We recommend regular maintenance to extend the useful life of the equipment. We also recommend the purchase of a furnace replacement before it is too late and you are experiencing a dead or dying during in minus 30°C winter temperatures.”

“If it is an emergency” he continued, “Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning is a top-rated company by Calgarians for furnace installation and services and available on our 24/7 hotline to help fix the furnace and heat in your home when you have a problem. It is better to plan to replace your furnace since emergencies and panics happen, especially in operating environments with harsh or unstable conditions such as Calgary. At Harmony, we do our best to accommodate these less than ideal circumstance with great financing options, including a "don't pay for 1 year" option."

Not being comfortable with the temperature in the residence or other structure can be a sign of a furnace issue. Uneven temperature distribution is a sign that a new furnace may be needed. Frequent service calls during the last few years are yet another indication that it is time for an upgrade to the equipment.

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