FullIntel Releases BIO International Convention Media Impact Report

Learn who won the maximum media coverage at the BIO International Convention- 2016 with FullIntel’s comprehensive media impact report

Business intelligence and Media monitoring services company, FullIntel has released a media impact report for the 2016 BIO International Convention. The report includes analysis of more than 43 million online impressions collected from various sources, including news reports, expert insights, and social media content - all handpicked and curated by FullIntel’s analysts.

“This year’s BIO International Convention was a tremendous success, and together we challenged ourselves to imagine a better world for patients, for the environment and the society. We were thrilled to be back in San Francisco with industry, government and academia from across the globe to pursue biotechnology’s potential to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.” said Jim Greenwood, the BIO President & CEO in a press release.

A total of 1,720 exhibitors and more than 15,000 attendees participated this year. FullIntel’s human analysts have covered around 800 stories and scanned more than 900,000 Twitter accounts to study the complete media impact of this convention.

The report highlights the Top 5 companies that had the highest media coverage around their news stories, information about top journalists covering the events, and impact of major news announcements. “We’ve highlighted the top quotes by the industry leaders that have created maximum impact, and included information about the prominent media outlets that covered BIO Convention,” adds Andrew Koeck, president & co-founder at FullIntel.

It also includes a detailed sentiment analysis of the stories about the Convention. ‘Human analysis ensures that contextual understanding and the tone (of the content) are not missed, thereby positively impacting the accuracy of the report,” he adds.

About FullIntel:

FullIntel is a business intelligence services company offering relevant news and business information handpicked by human analysts and delivered to industry professionals via email, mobile, and web. FullIntel’s services include, reputation monitoring, event monitoring, influencer research, and coverage analysis.

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