Full Pocket Prepare For Launch As One Of The 1st In New Wave Of Short Term Loan Companies

New short term lender Full Pocket launches in a bid to change predatory lending tactics of the industry.

Many individuals and start-ups find cash flow to be a difficult beast to master, especially when the economic downturn continues with few signs of improving. When people found their paycheques couldn’t always make ends meet, or were caught out by sudden expenditures, they were finding the financial ramifications damaging. So-called predatory lending companies sprung up to try and take advantage of this, but laws have recently been passed to limit these practices. Full Pocket is a short term loan company that represents the first of a new breed since these laws have been passed, with a greater focus on fairness and support for customers.

Like payday loan companies, users applying for a loan online with Full Pocket will be able to get the cash without leaving their home. There is no credit check, but there is a credit history within the company and it limits the amount people can borrow until they have proven they are capable of repaying.

For new customers, they are able to get a loan of three hundred pounds for a period of up to thirty days. Once customers have paid their existing loan, they can return to get further loans, and those that maintain a good standing with Full Pocket can borrow up to seven hundred and fifty pounds over a thirty day period.

A spokesperson for FullPocket explained their planned approach, “As a customer-oriented company, Full Pocket’s absolutely priority is to ensure clarity and accessibility for the customers we serve. Our service wishes to offer security and affordability of these quickly accessible loans in a manner not seen before from our competition. We aim to provide customer service assistance throughout the entire loan process so that no one is ever unsure of what they’re signing up to. We also eschew traditional practices of trying to sneak in additional fees and administrative costs, instead being direct and upfront with customers and offering a simple interest rate on the amount borrowed.”

About Full Pocket: Full Pocket is an online payday loan company headquartered in London, UK. Providing fast, simple and user-friendly online lending services to cover unexpected expenses or to get through until next payday, Full Pocket has the potential to establish itself as a prominent player in the payday loan industry.

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