Frozen Pea Fund Offers Payday Loans Online Through Extended Panel of Lending Partners

Frozen Pea Fund aims to connect those looking for short term loans with high quality providers to help people avoid the sharks. Their panel of preferred lenders has recently increased.

Payday loans are a controversial subject, and many people refer to them as predatory loans because of the number of sharks who use short term loans to extort huge APRs from those desperate enough to need them. The simple fact is however that many people are desperate enough, and without this provision they may sink without trace in debt and bankruptcy. People tend to forget that amid the sharks there are also responsible lending companies, and Frozen Pea Fund has made it their mission to single those out and connect them with those in need.

The website can be used by anyone seeking a payday loan to cover themselves if they have fallen short of funds before the next paycheck is due, and individuals will be presented with the best offer on their circumstances from a wide variety of trusted lending partners. The range of lending partners has recently increased but each one provides an excellent service and competitive rates.

The website provides a way for people to get payday loans online and secure credit in minutes, even for those with bad credit history or no credit history. The website even includes a full FAQ to explain the concept to first timers and advise on the circumstances in which a payday loan should be considered.

A spokesperson for Frozen Pea Fund explained, “Love them or loathe them, no matter how controversial they might be, payday loans are a financial reality and for many people a necessity. For anyone who has found themselves in need of a short term loan, we do not judge, but aim to help them find the best possible provider to meet their needs without them being exploited. Individuals can enter their details and the amount they need to borrow to be presented with the best offer from a range of great and responsible lending companies in seconds, and they are under no obligation to take the loan if the terms don’t suit, so there’s no reason not to give it a try.”

About Frozen Pea Fund:
Frozen Pea Fund helps people with poor credit get cash fast. They provide access to the best payday loans online up to $1,000 dollars. Their application process is fast, easy to complete and most importantly secure. They support responsible lending and will do their best to help users make an informed decision about a loan.

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