From The Hood To Doing Good: Entrepreneur & Economist Anthony Williams Helping People Financially

Leading Economist and Entrepreneur Anthony Williams Overcame a Rough Start to Get Where He Is Today

A rough start was not enough to slow down the momentum Anthony Williams had when it came to being an entrepreneur. However, he did have to survive some pretty rough times when he was growing up. One of his first childhood memories was a police raid on his home because the police thought his uncle was there. From there to the foster system and having to move around a lot, stability was something Williams lacked until he was an adult.

Even as a kid in school, Williams was always trying to sell something. He started off by borrowing $20 from his grandma so he could resell candy and offer outside services like shoveling; then he scaled up from there. Learning from his mistake made him double-down on making a good life for himself and the rest of his family. Today, Williams is an incredibly successful trader with numerous certifications and a wildly successful company

During his time of getting from nothing to where he is today, Williams learned many important tools that other entrepreneurs can also apply to reaching their dreams. First, according to Williams, is do not hold back when it comes to something you love. If you love it, strive to make it your reality because dreams really do come true. Second, never stop expanding your mind. Spend as much time as you can learning and growing, as that is what is going to make the biggest difference in your ability to reach your dreams. Finally, never give up. There are things that are going to stand in your way. Find ways to solve those issues and move past your obstacles, and keep pursuing your passion.

About Anthony Williams: Anthony Williams was one of five children in the family. With his mom being a victim of prostitution and his Dad simply running off on him, his grandma aka Nanny raised him and his siblings after his mother lost custody. After moving around a lot, he settled in the East Side of St. Paul, and even today, still resides in Minneapolis, a mere 15 miles away. Williams loves to share what he knows about finance with others, and is dedicated to sharing his story with all that want to reach their own goals. If you can learn from his mistakes or tips, it could help you reach your dreams, too. Today, Williams is an incredibly successful Day Trader and also an A List Board Certified Credit Consultant with numerous certifications, experience in business, and a wildly successful Global Finance & Education Brand. To follow him on Instagram, check him out here:

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