From Military Dedication to Successful Real Estate Investor in Two Short Years

Jay Monopoly took his skills for flipping to a new level, catapulting his business to six-figure months in under two years.

Jay Monopoly was an active Marine when he began fixing and flipping houses for a profit. His youth and dedication allowed him to create a young team of professionals who all had the same goal of teaching other young servicemembers how to create an income in their spare time. This drive not only started a real estate business, but it also started an opportunity for people to come together to reach a common goal.

Monopoly first started in the real estate industry by flipping houses around Detroit, Michigan. Since then, his focus changed to wholesale real estate investments since their returns come much faster. When first starting out, capital was the first major hurdle he encountered, so quick ways of getting more money were important. Today, Monopoly’s company, buys homes sight unseen, often through remote closings. This helps the sellers by allowing them to offload any condition of house quickly and helps Monopoly in that his business always has a steady influx of new properties to fix and resell.

Everyone within the Divinus Homes organization ranges from 18 to 25 years old. They all take their roles as young entrepreneurs and mentors seriously. @jay.monopoly believes that his outgoing personality allows him to connect with others and be an example, which those around him pick up on and share. The entire company dedicates itself to common goals. That allows the organization as a whole to overcome obstacles easier. It provides an agile, strong mindset, which can all be traced back to Monopoly himself.

About Jay Monopoly: Jay Monopoly has always tried to figure out ways of making money, as he has focused on sales since he was young. Today, if he could go back and talk to himself as a child, he would make tell that boy to only listen to the advice of people who have achieved the goals you seek. Those should be the people you look up to, since many people just go through life winging it and doing their best. He also says he knows the cheat code to life, and that is getting up early each day. He says he starts his routine at 5:30am as that helps him get even more done each day.

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