From An Extensive Global Business Directory To New Risk Free Multivendor Marketplace, Manager Mint Media Launches Hous Of Markets

Manager Mint Media Creates New Online Marketplace For People And Business Owners To Sell Products Risk Free With Zero Subscription Or Membership Fees. Hous of Markets, A Marketplace For Everything.

Sell Products, Services, Memberships, or subscriptions and need a place to open up shop? Limited on capital for your business and need to choose between a website and a shop? Look no further than Manager Mint Media’s Hous of Markets.

Hous of Markets offers amazing capabilities for their Vendors, allowing them to customize their store front, upload and create a broad spectrum of products types including subscription based or membership based ones from the very beginning. No waiting for shop or product approvals to start creating products and selling.

Hous of Markets was created to be virtually risk free by not charging vendors subscription, listing, or membership fees and only collects its small fee when an item is sold. Their competitors charge variable monthly fees, have high payouts or collect every time an item is listed. Hous of Markets believes that there shouldn’t be any hidden charges or large fees, especially for new shop owners where capital may be tight.

Many potential business owners get wary of what goes into starting an online business or attempting to build websites or open shops on other marketplaces simple from the cost of doing so. Risking Capital when no sales have been generated or a brand is just getting started can be a risk. Manager Mint Media understands this problem and have provided a solution in Hous of Markets.

The competition, however, is a different story and can vary from charging variable monthly fees, having high payout thresholds or charge a listing fee allowing them to collect every time a vendor lists an item. As a small bonus, instructional “how to” videos have been included to help new vendors learn how to take advantage of the full functionality of their new shop. Of course once a new shop is up and running, vendors are encourage to share their shop and products as well as run ads on social sites to help drive traffic to their store.

Registration is simple and new Vendors gain instant access to their own account. Once logged in, Vendors can start to set up shop right away through their frontend manager.

Manager Mint Media draws in thousands of viewers every day from over 136 countries around the world and is home to a vast global business directory housing over 126,000 business listings worldwide. Their latest addition of Hous of Markets continues to follow their mantra of helping businesses achieve Massive, Authoritative, and Effective Business Exposure. Traffic driven directly from Manager Mint Media help their existing viewership gain instant access to vendors listed on Hous of Markets.

Manager Mint Media was founded by Shane Wieters in August of 2015 and has become a fast-growing media company that creates and curates a variety of content on over 40 top business, investing and entrepreneurial categories that specializes in helping businesses achieve Massive, Authoritative, and Effective Business Exposure through Advertising, PR, Marketing, and SEO.

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