Frey-Moss Structures Blazes Trail for Industrialized Construction Industry

Industry leader Frey-Moss Structures is changing the game as a single-source supplier for larger programs.

Industrialized Construction (IC) is changing the world of construction in several innovative ways, leaving traditional approaches in the dust. Leading the charge is the Frey-Moss Structures team, and they are here to improve the quality, efficiency, safety, and effectiveness of construction one large-scale project at a time. Focused on design flexibility and accelerated construction, they empower brands to open their doors as quickly as possible to allow for increased revenue.

Exploring Industrialized Construction (IC):
Throughout the years, the construction industry has held tight to some standard practices while embracing innovation in other areas. Designers, fabricators, engineers, and project managers all come together to create the perfect finished project, but IC aims to take everything one step further.

With IC, project managers and their teams use dedicated resources, machines, automation, and innovative strategies to produce faster results in a safer, more efficient manner. These groups are always working to explore new potential improvements to provide a final construction project that will benefit the end-user every step of the way.

Frey-Moss Structures is blazing the trail for industrialized construction by using innovative strategies and durable materials that can be assembled with ease and last longer than traditional builds. Focusing on steel buildings that are modular in design, they provide custom super structures in a variety of industries. Leaning on innovations, like choosing steel and concrete over flimsy wood construction, helps them to provide structures and designs that go the extra mile.

By offering everything from standard layouts that can be fully customized to suit key needs all the way to warehousing bulk materials in-house during the production process, the Frey-Moss Structures team maximizes on efficiency while also offering superior quality. Their approach to construction even cuts downtime spent gathering permits and is engineered to meet all state and national code requirements at the point of delivery.

This group takes innovation to the next level by offering customized buildings that are manufactured entirely inside of their dedicated plant, parallel with the contractors site work, which allows them to eliminate delays that are commonly associated with weather and focus instead on providing timely deliveries that are built to meet the standards outlined by the client.

About Frey-Moss Structures:
President Steven Frey began Frey-Moss Structures as an engineering firm in 1989, that than included manufacturing by 1992, and provides modular buildings that are built to order and built to outlast traditional equivalents. Guided by a sense of innovation and a deep understanding of high-quality engineering, Frey-Moss Structures offers solutions for a variety of commercial industries, including retail, food, energy, healthcare and even agricultural.

Frey-Moss Structures has clear goals, all focused on safety, increasing efficiency, and accelerated construction schedules. Their strategies reduce total on-site construction time by up to 50%, allowing for businesses in a variety of industries to open their doors faster and accelerate their ROI.

Having served all 50 states and several brands around the world, Frey-Moss Structures adheres to rigid guidelines and builds long-standing structures in a variety of architectural styles and finishes. With a deep focus on developing relationships and supporting community and local businesses, this group can help with everything from new construction, raze and rebuilds, and re-imaging. By acting as a single source from design to installation, they can provide businesses with super structures that will suit their needs and styles every single time.

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