Fresh Promotions Announces A New Extended Range of Insulated Bottles And Flasks

Vacuum insulated bottles are most popular branded product line of 2018 and Fresh Promotions is pleased to announce over thirty new product styles, all available with custom logo branding

With client interest in vacuum insulated bottles growing daily Fresh Promotions Australia is pleased to announce the addition of over thirty new vacuum insulated promotional bottles styles to its popular market leading range.

Made of food grade stainless steel and BPA free materials this new range includes copper insulated bottles which ensure the contents are kept at the right temperature for up to 24 hours. The insulating properties of these practical promotional items work with both hot and cold drinks. So when you purchase from the new range for your clients and staff you can be sure your engraved or printed message will get year round exposure.

With more and more companies, government agencies and community groups moving their focus to environmental concerns the insulated bottle range is the perfect way to demonstrate the environmental credentials of your organisation. While a great deal of scepticism exists about the “green” marketing claims of many companies the undeniable fact of a tangible product is a proven way to offset consumer doubts.

If your organisation is planning a convention or conference the bottle range is an ideal way to promote your branding and give attendees a worthwhile gift they will use for years to come. The general reaction from people who have received one of these products is astonishment at the high level of insulation. What more environmentally friendly effect can you hope for than to reduce the waste from both discarded takeaway cups, store purchased bottled water and from the unconsumed proportion of beverages which are discarded after their temperature falls or rises to make their consumption unappealing.

The science behind the vacuum insulated bottle is cutting edge. Using a copper plating system on the internal wall of each bottle diminishes the effect of both endothermic and isothermic dissipation. Combined with an airtight sealing lid and a simple yet extremely robust construction the likely life span of an insulated bottle is over 10 years. Do the sums on your initial investment and you’ll realise how cost effective these products really are.

Custom branding is standard on each unit and came be applied with either large scale custom screen printing or more subtle but permanent laser engraving. A wrap printing option is also available so the majority of the visible surface of each bottle can become a walking, long-lasting billboard for your corporate message.

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