Launches Free Software to Convert the Time in Different Time Zones

Time related software creation company launches new freely downloadable software designed to help people deal with the difference in time zone between different geographical areas.

Time zones were created out of necessity. In the past people used to simply use the sun to measure the time, using sundials or similar instruments. With the invention of the mechanical clock, telecommunications, and fast travel such as railways, time zones have been necessary in order to keep track of the time in one place relative to another.

There are many software solutions that have been created in order to help people deal with time zone differences. One horological software company has recently released a time zone converter that is getting a huge amount of attention. This converter, available at, is quickly becoming recognized as one of the best available.

The software is extremely easy to use, and requires no technical skill, knowledge or training. The user simply installs the software on their computer and they are instantly able to convert time zone at any location on the globe. The software only performs this single function, and it does it extremely well. This means that it has a low memory footprint, taking up no unnecessary computation resources. It is compatible with any PC running Microsoft Windows.

A spokesperson for the website said: “All of the different time zones around the globe can be confusing. Few people are able to calculate in their head the time in Tokyo when it’s 1pm in New York, or the time in London when it’s 7pm in New Zealand. Our software lets people instantly come to an answer to any time zone questions. This is absolutely invaluable for anyone who does international business, or even individuals who have friends and relatives abroad. The software lets people know exactly what time is appropriate to get in touch with their international contacts. It makes life a lot easier for anyone who has the need to find out what the time is in an other location, and is a fantastic alternative to buying an expensive world time clock or watch.”

About is a time related software company that has created various pieces of software that are used to measure and convert time. To date they have released a time zone converter, a time calculator, a stopwatch, a countdown clock and a stopwatch.

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