Unveils New Free JPG to PDF Conversion Software

New software, available for free download, makes it extremely easy to convert JPG files into PDF files.

PDF files were originally developed by Adobe in the 90s to be a completely universal file format. The name “Portable Document Format” means that the files are designed to be completely portable between devices, even if they run a completely different operating system on radically different hardware. That means that PDF files are perhaps the most widely accepted files in the world, with files compatible with Windows, Mac, all flavors of Linux and UNIX, practically every printer, and countless mobile operating systems too.

One PDF related website that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is This website offers a huge number of free software applications designed to convert PDF to and from other file formats. They have recently started to build a huge reputation for their free JPG to PDF conversion software.

The software is extremely easy to use, with an intuitive GUI interface. Users can choose to convert files one at a time, or convert them en masse. The software allows users to choose whether they want the file orientated portrait or landscape, and the size of the PDF file they wish to convert to. This makes the software extremely useful for print formatting. also offers a range of other free PDF conversion software, helping people to convert PDF files to and from many other file formats.

A spokesperson for the site said: “PDF files were a revolutionary file format when they were first introduced, and they remain extremely commonly used today. As well as their ubiquitous compatibility with a huge range of operating systems, they are also extremely useful for print formatting. Unlike many digital files, PDFs are closely aligned with paper sizes, making them extremely useful for printing out documents in a predictable and well formatted way. Many times when people print out JPGs and other digital files, they find it impossible to format the page the way they want. Converting JPG to PDF makes it much easier. On our website we have an extremely easy to use JPG to PDF converter. Anyone, no matter their level of technical expertise, will be able to convert JPG files to PDF files in seconds.”

About is a website that offers free PDF converter software for download. It has software applications designed to convert PDF files to and from many other file formats.

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