Updates Two Popular Guides to Federal Lifeline Program

Aimed at seniors and disabled people, guides have proven highly useful for those interested in FCC's free cellphone program, have now been brought fully up to date, reports updated two important, popular online resources for those seeking information about the federal government's Lifeline cellphone program. The first newly updated guide, available now at, details how qualifying senior citizens can sign up for a Free Government Cell Phone and phone service. The second recently updated guide, online now at, describes how disabled people can take advantage of the same opportunity.

"The Lifeline program overseen by the Federal Communications Commission is one of the most frequently overlooked sources of government-sponsored assistance," representative Adam Winter, "We're proud that our targeted guides to the program have helped so many people since we put them online nearly four years ago. We're happy to report that the two most frequently referenced guides have just been updated to ensure that the the information they contain is entirely accurate and timely."

Three decades ago, Congress authorized the FCC to design a new program called "Lifeline" that would improve access to telephone service among the country's low-income residents. Over the years, that program evolved to reflect new realities, with the most momentous of the changes being a 2005 expansion that allowed program beneficiaries to sign up for free or subsidized cellphones and service.

Since then, over 12 million people have taken advantage of this offer, thereby acquiring handsets and service programs that they might otherwise have been forced to go without. While the Lifeline program is widely regarded as generous and beneficial, though, those who seek to enroll it sometimes find its requirements and application procedures complex and confusing.

For nearly five years, has been a top source of information and assistance for people hoping to make use of the Lifeline program. The site's articles include general overviews of the Lifeline cellphone program and its basic requirements, along with targeted guides that specifically focus on the audiences that most frequently benefit from the program.

The guide to Lifeline for senior citizens, for example, has just been updated to reflect recent changes in the program. With the FCC pursuing a number of cost-cutting reforms over the past few years, some seniors have found themselves unsure as to whether they qualify. The newly updated guide will help clear up such questions.

The site's just-updated guide to Lifeline for disabled people will be just as useful and valuable. Also modified to reflect the current status of the program, it, too, contains clear, simple information about Lifeline eligibility and the enrollment process. The two newly updated guides to this important government program are now online and available to visitors at

Helping visitors of all kinds understand and enroll in the Federal government's generous Lifeline free cellphone program, provides useful, up-to-date information and the latest news developments.

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