Free Tutorial Shows Anyone How To Start A Blog In Under An Hour

Thanks to a new step by step online tutorial website, entrepreneurs and would-be bloggers can now get a great looking blog up and running in no time.

A new website has launched aimed at teaching anybody, from Students to CEO's how to get their own blog up and running in record time.

The website, was specifically designed to ensure that a blog is no longer restricted to the tech savvy or those looking to dive into hours of tutorials. Now anyone, regardless of their online savvy can get a fully functioning blog up and running in a matter of minutes.

The site claims to bring blogs, which can serve as online journals, storefronts, personal opinion megaphones, and attention lightning rods for the products and ideas, to the masses.

Created by long-time web developer Brock Hamilton, the site uses a simple picture and text format to walk users through short and simple blog creation steps.

Technical language is limited and explained in easy-to-understand terms, and anyone can follow the steps to have a fully functional blog up and running in no time at all, regardless of their level of tech knowledge.

“There's just no reason every single person who wants to can't be online and running their own blog,” says Hamilton, “with this new site, there's no longer a technical stumbling block to prevent blogging ambition.”

“Each step is laid out in as much detail as needed, and guided by pictures and screenshots to make sure no body gets lost. The steps cover, choosing a name and domain, exactly how to setup a web hosting account, and even how to start posting content and customizing the blog's appearance. It really couldn't be simpler, and we're quite pleased with that.” Hamilton says.

All tutorials on the site are free to use and the site also includes a range of articles designed to help people choose a topic for the blog.

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