Free Time Converter Launches Intuitive Time Calculator For Effective Life Management

Free Time Converter has created a Time Calculator that is free to use so users can better organise their time at any scale, from months to days to minutes.

Time is an absolute for everyone, and there a few more important decisions in life more frequently neglected than choosing how to spend the time individuals have. If living life was a business, the way everyone use time would be counted to the second in order to get maximum profit from it. Now, Free Time Converter has launched a Free Time Calculator that will allow individuals to start treating their time seriously and allow them to take control of it, making their lives more productive and their perspectives more balanced.

The time calculator is freely available to download from the Free Time Converter website and is a full software with an unlimited license. It offers options from days, hours, minutes and seconds, so that individuals can predict how long a new project might take if they were able to spend an hour a week on it, or to see how housework has taken over their lives if they spend two hours a day on it.

The tool is able to be used to gain a perspective on past events and to plan future events, and it is necessary for people because time cannot be calculated by a normal calculator, which works on the premise of a hundred decimal system.

A spokesperson for Free Time Converter explained, “This is an excellent tool for such a wide array of people. We always use the phrase time is money, and for freelancers this is particularly relevant. Our time calculator allows them to accurately calculate the total amount of time spent on a project without having to put a sixty decimal system into a typical hundred decimal calculator and create confusion. This way, no minute escapes. It is also an invaluable tool for those who are feeling overwhelmed to track how much real time they are putting into different parts of their lives and easily see the proportions, helping monitor a work life balance.”

About Free Time Converter:
Free Time Converter began by creating an easy to use time zone converter that became popular very quickly online, used by international businesses to keep track of their clients. Since then they have branched out into stopwatches, countdown clocks, world clocks and now a time calculator for business users to time their days to perfection.

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