Free PDF Solutions Releases Free PDF To JPG Converter Making Image Files Easy to Produce

PDF is a niche format that can often create more problems than it solves for those seeking to use information across formats. Free PDF Solutions has released software to solve that problem.

JPG is the number one image format used on the web today due its flexible compression settings and high quality to file size ratio. PDF is a much larger format used when images, text and other information is released in a controlled manner. Free PDF Solutions have created a PDF to JPG converter that scans a PDF file digitally and creates a lightweight, editable replica in JPG format so that users then have the power to use the information flexibly in other software and projects.

This service is invaluable to businesses that often need to send information digitally for use by other businesses, such as partners, collaborators, service users and more. The JPG file format makes files easy to send and to edit, using programs that are part of the default set up of all modern operating systems. To convert PDF to JPG saves time, energy and frustration.

The free PDF to JPG software is now available to download from directly from the Free PDF Solutions website, can be installed in just a few clicks and up and running in minutes. The software comes with a free unlimited usage license so individuals can convert individual pages, whole documents or even libraries of PDF documents to JPG format.

A spokesperson for Free PDF Solutions explained, “We have heard many stories from our users of clients getting frustrated with information sent to them in PDF format. The format is specifically designed to prevent people from using it, instead designed so they can only view it. When trying to collaborate on a project this simply won’t do. JPG files are smaller and more portable than PDF, and are also editable, so people can use the information they get.”

About Free PDF Solutions:
Free PDF Solutions is a freeware software developer that specializes in converting PDF files to other formats. Their free PDF to JPG converter can help users to correct all of the problems and limitations of PDF in a simple and easy to understand way. Users can use Free PDF Solutions software, which helps them to quickly convert PDF files into the JPG images they need in order to send to others.

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