Free Math Calculator Launches Percentage Calculator To Make Life Easier

Free Math Calculator has created a percentage calculator that offers users the ability to discover percentages of numbers without having to remember the formulas themselves.

The humble calculator began as a series of stones on a board, which then became beads on sticks, and is now a powerful microcomputer capable of computing whatever the mathematician wishes to understand, provided that they provide the specific methodology. For those who are not mathematicians, even basic methods and equations such as how to calculate a percentage can be quickly forgotten and difficult to rediscover through trial and error. Free Math Calculator has created a Percentage Calculator specifically to address this, making percentages, no matter how complex, easily and freely discoverable.

The free tool, which can be downloaded and installed in minutes directly from the Free Math Calculator website, uses three simple boxes to offer the three main kinds of percentage people most commonly need to derive. These are written in linguistic rather than formulaic terms so that everyone can understand them, allowing users to simply enter the appropriate values and receive an accurate answer.

The tool requires no premium payment to use any of its features and comes with an unlimited license, able to be used readily in home or office, an unlimited number of times. The software offers the easiest means by which to calculate percentage.

A spokesperson for Free Math Calculator explained, “The percentage calculator is a useful tool because often, no matter how capable individuals are, they are able to confuse the many similar but slightly varied ways in which to calculate percentages under different numerical circumstances. This tool allows individuals to simply select the appropriate approach in laymen’s terms and get an answer fed to them without any mathematical knowledge, streamlining the process of finding percentages which can be invaluable in saving time throughout offices where these figures are often required in a hurry. It is ideal for those who wish to dedicate their brain power to more important tasks.”

About Free Math Calculator:
Free Math Calculator provides an online mathematical calculator set including a fraction calculator, scientific calculator, GPA calculator and multiplication tables. Their latest release is a percentage calculator that allows individuals to calculate percentages without having to know the formula by which to derive them mathematically. The site is committed to fulfilling all their users’ mathematical needs.

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