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Bitcoiners can now track their total Bitcoin investment value across multiple addresses, exchanges and securities with innovative free platform

In October, 2013 innovative free Bitcoin portfolio management tool myBitWorth was launched: allowing Bitcoin investors to easily track the value of their total Bitcoin investment over multiple Bitcoin addresses, Bitcoin exchanges and Bitcoin Securities platforms such as BitFunder, Havelock, CryptoStocks and Direct Shares. The free tool has exploded in popularity: with traffic having risen over 300% in the last two weeks alone. The myBitWorth platform is the first in the Bitcoin space to enable astute investors to see what their Bitcoin is worth, in total, across all of the different locations their Bitcoin may currently be stored. Investors can also see their total Bitcoin net worth in multiple fiat currencies, and manage services they have invested in, with ease. The myBitWorth Bitcoin portfolio management tool is also entirely free to use!

Abe, who conceived and runs the site has been listening to users and making many requested improvements: myBitWorth is a crowd driven project which users can engage with, and play an active role in its development. Many new features will be rolled out in the coming weeks; the ability to sync settings across multiple devices, support for Bitcoin trading portfolios, and support for many alternative digital currencies to Bitcoin. Abe is also constantly adding new Bitcoin exchange feeds and Bitcoin securities porfolios to the platform.

myBitWorth is designed to be as simple to use as possible. Users can easily select the fiat currency to display their Bitcoins total value in, and choose which Bitcoin exchange service to pull the latest Bitcoin exchange rate from. The Bitcoin exchange rate is updated live every 30 seconds and appears at the top right of the page.

To import Bitcoin addresses and investments to their balance, myBitWorth users simply add a new entry by clicking on the “New” tab and selecting the type of entry. It is a simple process to then watch a Bitcoin address, import an investment portfolio from one of the Bitcoin Securities Exchanges, or follow the value of some Direct Shares. General entries allow Bitcoin holdings, and the purchase price of these coins, to be manually typed in by the user and added to the total Bitcoin portfolio’s balance.

As Bitcoin investors recognize the value of being able to track all of their Bitcoin investments easily in one place, the traffic to myBitWorth has grown over 300% in the last two weeks alone – currently receiving approximately 500 unique visitors a day. Abe from myBitWorth is currently seeking sponsors who wish to advertise on the unprecedented Bitcoin value tracking platform – reaching a dedicated user base of educated and astute Bitcoin investors who take Bitcoin portfolio management seriously.

With the recent astronomical rise of the Bitcoin to USD exchange rate, myBitWorth is leading the way in enabling Bitcoin investors to keep track of their total Bitcoin holdings, and their total net worth in Bitcoin, with ease. Being first to market in providing such a valuable, free service to Bitcoin investors bodes well for the platform’s future; especially in the current bull market which characterizes Bitcoin today.

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