Free Assistance For Treatment Center Location And Addiction Help

Addiction Advocates are a team of professionals who serve as advisers, guides and advocates for those in need of treatment for substance abuse. The information collected from the patient is used to set up a treatment plan.

Addiction Advocates and Marcus Hansen are pleased to announce that they offer addiction help to people who need assistance in finding the right treatment center. There is no charge for the service which is provided. For those individuals who qualify, the organization will even cover costs of intervention. Finding drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment can be a confusing experience. The right centers understand needs, but also are effective in treating the addiction. The team at Addiction Advocates is active in matching individuals and addiction treatment in a professional manner.

The professionals are people who have years of experience in the treatment field. Some have worked at treatment centers, while others were owners of businesses helping centers. The principals work with the addict or family members throughout the entire process as a guide, advisor, and advocate. The adviser is available to answer questions which may arise during the process. If there is uncertainty about whether or not addiction is the issue, information about signs of addiction are available.

Data is collected about the level and type of substance abuse. An intervention can be scheduled and a top interventionist arranged if needed. A review of possible insurance coverage will help to determine the level of out-of-pocket expenses which will be required. The financial information is presented to the client so that a decision about the best options can be made. Before entering a treatment center, it may be necessary to take part in a medical detox program. The team at Addiction Advocates contacts the selected treatment center and ensures that everything is set up.

All services are completely free of charge. The patient's safety and long term success are the highest priority. Working with an advisor and advocate may help family members as well as addicts better deal with the issues surrounding substance abuse.

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