Frank Schrijver UK Brings Revolutionary Dutch Damp Proofing To Britain

Frank Schrijver UK is the only authorised distributor of the Schrijver System, a new method of damp proofing homes that is less invasive, environmentally responsible, and great value.

Some of the greatest advances often take a surprisingly simple route to a solution where others have attempted to use complexity. So it is with damp removal. Homes are constantly disrupted by companies tearing into the walls and laying extensive plastic sheets to try and keep damp at bay. In the meantime, the Schrijver System has been developed so that small plug-in vents on the outside of the house can do a far more effective job, more cheaply, and with less disruption. Frank Schrijver UK has now brought this technology to Britain for the first time, and it will change how many homes do their damp proofing.

The Schrijver System ( offers a simple and unique innovation in the way damp is controlled within a property. Unlike traditional damp proofing, the Schrijver System does not require replastering or redecorating after invasive procedures - homeowners needn’t so much as move the furniture. The Schrijver System is installed from the outside of external walls, making it less invasive and more effective.

The Schrijver System ( removes damp from the walls naturally - the system uses no hazardous chemicals and produces no harmful fumes or CFCs, making it a better choice not just for homeowners but for the environment too.

A spokesperson for Frank Schrijver UK explained, “The Schrijver System eliminates humidity and damp by using small, hand crafted elements on the outside wall of the property. Using approximately 2.2 elements per metre at about 35cm above ground level, the system invites dry air from the outside through small vents. This creates a heat sink inside the wall, also known as a cold bridge, and causes moisture to be drawn out of the inside walls into the air within the element. It is then carried away by natural airflow, keeping homes damp free. Proven and far more economical than traditional methods, it represents a leap forward in home technology.”

About Frank Schrijver UK:
Frank Schrijver UK Ltd is the one and only company licensed to sell the famous Dutch damp proofing system ‘Schrijver Systeem’ in the UK. They have made understanding damp their business and are passionate about customer service; an award-winning company and, more importantly, the right choice for removing damp from the home.

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