Frank Kern Launches New Billion Dollar Video Series

Frank Kern has a new video series that teaches people the single most effective and powerful marketing methodology.

Frank Kern is widely considered one of top experts on the subject of internet marketing. He has successfully been working in the internet marketing field for a long time and has made tremendous profits not only for himself but also for many others. Frank has seen firsthand what methods are most successful, which techniques convert the best, and how to make the most profits from these strategies. Sharing his tips and teaching people how to create income by delivering the right marketing message has resulted in Frank Kern becoming a trustworthy and respected consultant in internet marketing. His new video series is no different and he shares a strategy that has been around since 1948 and is the single most effective and powerful marketing methodology.

The video series is titled How to Create a Buying Frenzy and part one is available as of the publishing of this article (June 2nd, 2014) with parts two and three set for future release dates. Researching old ad campaigns and marketing approaches Frank discovered a series of seventeen advertisements that helped sell over one billion dollars. They were created by the legendary David Ogilvy who perfected the original approach that Frank Kern shares in the videos. Adapting David's methodology to modern marketing techniques, specifically the internet, Frank Kern found them to be the “single most successful test he's ever done in over fifteen years”.

In the video one of the series Frank Kern presents a segment called how to create a buying frenzy. Within this piece he explains how buying frenzies are fueled by many things but one of the most powerful stimulants is intrinsic value. By increasing intrinsic value marketers and advertisers are able to get buyers to pay for as much as three hundred percent more for products that share similar practical value. Frank uses the example of a BMW 750 LI and a Rolls Royce Ghost where they both are cars that have a practical value of transportation but due to the intrinsic value of the Rolls Royce people purchase if for three times what the BMW sells for. Frank uses this example for people to understand just how successful and dominant this forgotten marketing secret can be.

In order to make it easier for other marketers and advertisers to utilize this strategy Frank Kern created swipe files, a template, a case study, and a tutorial all available for a free download. Frank obsessively poured over all of David Ogilvy's old ads, found the common traits of his most successful pieces, and transferred them into an easy to use template. These powerful tools can be used in all types of media including but not limited to email, blog posts, videos, article, text advertisements, and Facebook posts.

People looking for better results with their advertisements and marketing can view the first video of the series (How to Create a Buying Frenzy Part 1.) here:

The template, instructional video tutorial, and swipe files can be accessed at the same address.

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