Frank Curzio Hosts 'Investor Legend' Rick Rule

Rick Rule, CEO of Sprott Global Resource Investments, shared his strategies for investing in resources and the commodity he believes is likely double in price in three to four years.

Rick Rule is among the most successful resource investors in the world and is a founder of Sprout Global Resource Investments, which employs more than 130 professionals and manage in excess of $8 Billion in resource investments. “In my opinion, Rick Rule is one of the smartest resource investors in the world” stated Curzio.

Rule explained why cyclical markets play a role in his decision to aggressively buy resource stocks. A cyclical market rises and falls with the business cycle. Most investors try to time the market and buy cyclical stocks at a low point of the business cycle and sell them in the highpoint. Rick Rule said, “Being involved at market bottoms is more important than trying to get the timing precise, which is why we’re looking to allocate aggressively at this point in time in the market.”

Rule also reveals a commodity that he believes will double in price despite the negative perception of the industry. “Why on Earth would I buy an industry that’s in liquidation?" Rule asked rhetorically.

More details can be heard in the entire interview here.

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Rick Rule, founder of Sprott Global Resource Investments, Ltd., now a member of the Sprott Group of companies has been active in natural resource investing for thirty-five years. He is a well-recognized expert in mining, energy, water, forest products, infrastructure and agriculture. A popular public speaker, Mr. Rule is a featured presenter at investment and industry forums and conferences around the world.

Rule founded the Global Resource Investments group of companies, now part of the Sprott Group of companies, which provides investment advice and management, as well as brokerage services to high net worth individuals, institutional investors and corporate entities worldwide.

Mr. Rule is particularly active in private placement markets, having originated and participated in hundreds of debt and equity transactions with private, pre-public and public companies. As general partner in the Exploration Capital Partner series of private placement partnerships, Mr. Rule has an exemplary track record of performance.

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