Francesco Riviera’s Secret to Scaling a Business

Riviera says the first secret to scaling a company is to create a massive goal. He believes the goal can be anything that isn’t limited by the laws-of-physics, with a feasible strategy and a great deal of belief, any goal can be achieved.

Francesco Riviera (@francescoriviera_) has always had his eyes set on creating businesses that he can scale to the moon. Riviera has scaled multiple companies and helped other businesses and influencers grow their following by marketing online.

Riviera says that the second step is making sure that an entrepreneur has the right mindset in place. He says that when time, effort, and strategy are carefully managed, business will flourish.

Riviera says that the third step for scaling a company is putting a strategy in place. He says that entrepreneurs need to break the goal up into several small steps and then organize the steps into individual branches by writing them down.

Riviera believes entrepreneurs should create a reward system for reaching milestones. He says that he always rewards himself after accomplishing certain milestones with a prize, a party, or a gift that is going to inspire him to keep on chasing his goals.

Riviera says that when an entrepreneur faces problems when scaling their company, the best thing they can do is see the problem as a game and not a personal issue. He says that once an entrepreneur can see an obstacle as a level in a video game, they can take the personal element out of it and focus all their efforts on solving the problem.

Riviera believes that all successful entrepreneurs must rid themselves of any ego in order to achieve their goals. He believes ego gets in the way of important relationships and can prevent the entrepreneur from handing off tasks due to fear of employee error.

Riviera does not believe in competition. He says that when scaling a company, the competition is the last thing on his mind. He believes that if he looks behind him to see where his competition is, that will only serve to slow him down. Riviera chooses to focus only on the day to day tasks that align with the long term plan of his company.

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