FPT Play Box Is The New Demand Of Every Vietnamese Family

FPT Telecom Corporation has launched the FPT play box which can convert any normal television into a Smart TV through internet connection. The FPT Play Box is an investment for experiencing the modern features of a smart TV but at a much lower cost.

FPTBox has the ability to provide the power of internet on regular televisions and convert it into a smart TV. People get to use a lot more modern features with preeminent functions after installing the FPT Play box. This box runs on android operating system and is a much upgraded version if compared to the normal android box which is available in the market.

Recently in September, 2018, the company has also launched its Voice Remote which has become a revolution amongst all the Vietnamese families. So, now people can connect the remote with a Bluetooth 4.0 port and use voice recognition to control the FPT play box. So, it is a simpler but more technically advanced controlling system now.

The good news for the sports fanatics is that now they can enjoy free football on their televisions as well. There will be no need to cringe the eyes to watch the tournaments on the small phone LCD because FPT play box has come to their rescue. The sports enthusiasts can easily keep a track of all the latest tournaments through this device. The bonus is that the cost is quite low so everyone can afford it. “Get your hands on the FPT Play Box and say good bye to the small screens on the phone. Sit back and enjoy the new revolution right here!” said the CEO of FPT Telecom.

The FPTbox.com.vn's product set has a variety of options for kids as well. They offer an exclusive application named as ABC Play which is specifically tailored to meet the demands of all children aged between 2 to 11 years. This application includes basic beginner steps for English guidance, music videos, short movies and other entertainment which is suitable for little kids. This application comes for free with the FPT play box and is pre-configured so that the children watch a safe channel rather than getting engrossed in censored matter.

Well, another added advantage of installing the FPT play box is the availability of internet on the big screen of the television. Whether it includes surfing YouTube, or reading the digital newspaper, everything can be done on it. The FPT play box is frequently upgraded with new features to make it more user-friendly and accessible by all. The smart TV can now be used by every household in Vietnam, thanks to the affordable pricing set up by FPT Telecom Corporation. It is a new era and the old cable television system needs to be replaced with the modern TV Box! That would not only provide with faster internet access but will also be very convenient for the users.

About the company:
FPT Telecom Corporation is a reputed company and they frequently go through the customer reviews to upgrade their device. FPT Play Box has become a current trend amongst the citizens of Vietnam.

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Website: https://fptbox.com.vn
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fptboxhd

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