Owners, Nate Fox and Justin Fox, Announce New Partnership for Outdoor Furniture Products with Ledge Lounger

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Founders of Foxterra Design and, Justin and Nate Fox, are proud to announce a new partnership with the creative furniture design experts at Ledge Lounger.

The future is bright for Foxterra and their new partners at premium furniture company Ledge Lounger. Dedicated to transforming any area into a luxury space, these two expert brands in modern furniture design are bringing together their talents to provide their customers with even more through a new joint effort. Foxterra will now offer Ledge Lounger products while acting as their first exclusive dropship retailer, and homeowners have plenty to gain from this union!

Why These Brands Are Joining Forces:
For these two companies, a partnership offers a comfortable fit. Foxterra and Ledge Lounger are both committed to helping homeowners turn their outdoor spaces into a resort-like environment. Now, working together, they will be able to provide an eye-catching experience that their customers will love by offering beautiful products designed to immediately enhance outdoor areas of all kinds.

Foxterra is excited to bring the furniture of Ledge Lounger to outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes. The unique, timeless designs of the furniture can be used to elevate any exterior area, whether it’s a small yard without a pool, or even a balcony or patio.

This versatility aligns perfectly with Foxterra’s mission which is to help anyone with a private outdoor space to have a more resort-like feeling at home.

Looking to the Future with Foxterra and Ledge Lounger:
Going forward, these brands are looking to create more complete outdoor areas that will leave customers loving their backyards like never before. Committed to providing customers with everything that they need to turn a backyard into a luxurious outdoor space, these two brands will strive to offer more products and meet the unique interests and needs of different homeowners. Whether homeowners are looking to create a cozy outdoor reading space or want to have the perfect yard for a backyard party, Foxterra and Ledge Lounger are joining forces to make sure that they have plenty of products to choose from.

About Ledge Lounger:
Ledge Lounger is a luxury furniture design brand that is known for transforming outdoor spaces with beautiful and modern furniture. Known for stylish furniture pieces, this brand is committed to helping customers to create the perfect outdoor space, no matter what they have to work with. Ledge Lounger makes it easy for anyone to receive a luxury experience whether they are sitting outside by a pool or preparing for a lovely dining al fresco experience with family and friends. Everything that they create is designed to offer a luxurious escape with the comforts of home.

About and Foxterra Design:
Foxterra Design is a design team duo that is striving to change outdoor design in a big way. Driven by a passion for resort living, they craft compelling luxury designs for residential spaces, allowing anyone to turn their home into a beautiful getaway.

At Foxterra Design, creating the perfect outdoor space is a guaranteed 6-step process. From discovery to delivery, they work with homeowners to craft a completely original space that will turn any home into the perfect backdrop whether the goal is reading by the pool or conducting business. With compelling 3D designs and a process that is centered around their clients, they can bring their vision to life and craft a space that is specific to the individual. Each design is a completely unique, functional work of art. was created to make luxury exterior lighting and furniture accessible to every place called home around the world. The venture was born out of Justin and Nate’s passion to share their love of high-quality design with design enthusiasts in a way that encourages homeowners to express their own creativity.

About Fox Brothers:
The Fox Brothers are two talented designers who bring passion, art, and mathematics together to deliver resort-style design to residential spaces. As the faces of Foxterra Design, they are known for their incredible influence as designers and professionals, quickly earning them notoriety on both Instagram and TikTok. They proudly share their creations with hundreds of thousands of followers across all their social media platforms and are the creators of countless viral videos sharing awe-inspiring original designs. Happy to share their passion, they are thrilled to watch their following continue to grow.

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