Four New Records at Equestrian Events in the Southwest Region, A New Business Card for Chengdu is Born

The second CRCC Cup Master Grand Prix and the Right Now Lifestyle Festival Conclude Successfully.

From November 16 to November 18, 2018 CRCC Cup Master Grand Prix (the second session) and the Right Now Lifestyle Festival were held in Hall 5 and Hall 6 of the Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Over these three days, horsemen and horses from all over the world competed fiercely. On the day of opening ceremony alone, tens of thousands of citizens were drawn to watch the game. At the same time, the Right Now Lifestyle Festival was held and focused on content like the humanities and art, international fashion, food culture and the frontier life, which was like a highly-aesthetic feast for the people. 

This event created new records in four areas for equestrian events in the southwest region, including records regarding horsemanship, money awards, the quantity and quality of horses and the items set up in the game, creating a new "business card" for Chengdu City.

New Record in Scale of the Event:

A number of new records for equestrian events in the Southwest region have been set

A number of new records for equestrian events in the Southwest region have been set in this session of the event. According to the organizer of the event, top horsemen from over eight countries participated in the event, including two Olympic champions, nearly ten Olympic horsemen, over ten Asian Games horsemen and more than 20 national champions, who all competed fiercely.

Promoted Preparatory Level of the Event:

Chengdu's equestrian games are second only to those of Beijing

More than 150 horses were present during the competition, and the number of horsemen and horses participating in the competition was more than doubled compared with that of last year. As a result, the total area of the venues and exhibitions of this event reached 25,000 m2.

Huang Zuping, general manager of Beijing Huang Zuping International Sports Event Management Co., Ltd., said at the event news conference that the second CRCC CUP MASTER GRAND PRIX was held for the first time in China with the two Olympic events of show-jumping and dressage held at the same venue, setting a new record. Cai Meng, a well-known CCTV host and vice chairman of the Chinese Equestrian Association, said at the forum that the indoor equestrian competition held in Chengdu ranked second in terms of its competition atmosphere and the level of its venue, surpassed only by Beijing.

Creativity in Operation Methods for the Event:

"Grand Prix + Right Now Lifestyle Festival" Model, Extending the Aesthetic Value of High-end Lifestyles

This year, in order to let more people experience a fashionable, healthy and high-quality cultural life brought about by equestrianism, the organizer has, in particular, designed a "Right Now Lifestyle Festival" so that people who are not able to watch the competition live at the scene have access to this “cultural life” through active and interesting online communication broadcast by the organizer. 

As a centralized presentation of Chengdu's high-end style of life, the "Right Now Lifestyle Festival" covers content in four units, including the humanities and art, international fashion, food culture and the frontier life, showing Chengdu's high-end style of life from different perspectives. Well-known contemporary artists like He Duoling, Shi Jindian, Zeng Yang, Hou Rong, Li Jianxun and Feng Ming, as well as cultural celebrities like Zhai Yongming, and celebrities in the fashion world like Lina Ma, were also on the spot of the festival to observe the exhibitions and competitions and communicate with citizens, thus closing the gap between ordinary citizens and elegant art and noble lifestyles. 

Expansion in International Influence of the Event:

The Chairman of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) Praises the High-Level Event

The holding of the "Right Now Lifestyle Festival" during the event offered more people in Chengdu a chance to understand equestrianism and horse culture. There were not only high-level equestrian events, but also rich and colorful items of cultural experience for citizens to watch or participate in. The equestrian experience area set up at the venue met the needs of many people to enjoy horse riding and the charm of equestrian sports. 

With more high-level equestrian athletes competing in the same field and more citizens watching the competition live at the venue, this CRCC Cup Master Grand Prix not only greatly improved its influence and reputation in Chengdu, but also won greater international attention.

Ingmar De Vos, chairman of FEI, sent a special message of congratulations to the organizer of the event. In his congratulatory message, he said that thanks to the continuous development of high-level events such as the CRCC CUP MASTER GRAND PRIX, equestrian culture has become more and more popular in China.
Delivering a Promise:

Creating a business card and a cultural card for Chengdu

Since the successful launch of the CRCC CUP MASTER GRAND PRIX in 2017 in accordance with the "Supported by Government, Held by Enterprises" government-enterprise linkage mechanism, this year, the PRIX innovatively held its lifestyle festival together with the event and discovered and shaped the culture of life across diversified aspects, successfully designing a brand new business card for the establishment of Chengdu as a "World Famous City in Events" and adding a cultural business card to the establishment of Chengdu as a "World Cultural City".

As a high-end event brand radiating across the southwest region, the Prix established an industry benchmark for Chengdu's top equestrian sports with horses as its medium and its dream. Based on the super IP of this sports event and cultural celebration, China Railway Construction will continue to explore aspects including innovation in the cultural industry, cultural exchange between China and foreign countries and city operations, so as to inject new vitality into the construction of a better city life.

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