Founder Of Launches New Book To Help Parents Through Potty Training

Dhanya G's '3-Day Potty Training Boot Camp' Encourages A Stress-Free Process For Parent & Baby Alike!

Monday, September 28th: Highly successful parent blogger Dhanya G, aka, has taken her first steps into the world of authoring with her step-by-step guide to potty training for moms and dads around the world.

An All-In-One Solution To Potty Training

Potty training is a notoriously difficult part of early parenting, but Dhanya G guides parents through every step of the process in her concise but comprehensive '3-Day Potty Training Boot Camp', helping moms and dads evolve from flushed with frustration to celebrating their child's success in just 72 hours!

Her tried and tested methods are explained in a clear and insightful manner, allowing parents to understand the reasoning behind the actions. The 72-hour journey from wet to dry includes establishing a winning routine, reinforcing it around the home, and subsequently staying dry outside of the home too.

The book uncovers the right strategies, such as using praise to encourage repeat behavior when a child stays dry and uses the potty rather than their nappy. It additionally explains how parents can deal with setbacks along the way, preventing hiccups from developing into major stumbling blocks. The potty training guide focuses on making the process less stressful for kids, which consequently adds convenience for mom and dad too.

Dhanya G doesn't only explain the tactics used in the three-day schedule. Her book also discusses signs that a child is ready for potty training, identifying signals that they are about to use the toilet, and why it's OK for a few pairs of underwear to get ruined along the way. It also provides a full checklist of items needed for the 72-hour training.

As the book explains, the boot camp approach can bring benefits for children and parents alike. While it is a process that will consume your entire life for this short period of time and requires high levels of consistency, children are shown to respond very well to the methods used. It's a guide that doesn't only aim to help kids get dry. It aims to help them stay dry too.
With the content presented in a clear manner, it has already become an essential weapon in every parent's arsenal.

About Dhanya G

Dhanya G is the founder of Parenting Passage, a highly popular blog that chronicles the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of parenthood in a witty, engaging, and relatable fashion. With a thriving community that includes legions of readers across the country and, indeed, around the globe, she is purveyor of wisdom that has helped thousands of fans over the years.

The book, which is available to download as an eBook immediately, signals the next stage of that evolution. From the first page to the last, every piece of wisdom will support the battle against wet diapers forever.

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