Founder of Miami’s Popular Smoothie Spot Shares Inspiration for Up-And-Coming Entrepreneurs

Stresses the importance of listening to advice and giving back

Danny, the founder of Miami’s popular Smoothie Spot, today shared his experiences and success story to inspire up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Getting a successful food business off the ground is a major challenge, given the competitive nature of the industry and fickle customer tastes. Danny recommends being ready to experience trial and error, listen to advice and give back as key ingredients to developing a profitable business. As depicted on, Smoothie Spot offers a rich menu of smoothies, Acai bowls, wraps and fresh pressed juices.

Danny grew up in his parents’ Columbian restaurant. Using their business as a launchpad, at age 18 he set out to sell smoothies to patrons of nearby gym. It was not an instant success. As Danny put it, “I went through a lot of trial and error with certain equipment and ingredients to make sure I sold a good product. So, I came up with like 20 different smoothie recipes and started targeting my parents’ cliental to see the feedback on the smoothies. I remember selling my fist smoothie, which was Amazing!”

He gave samples to everyone dining in the restaurant and started receiving feedback. “Listen carefully to the feedback,” he advised. “You may not hear what you want to hear, but people will tell you what you really need to know, if you can open your ears. That’s what I did, taking the feedback and converting it into new recipes and approaches to selling smoothies. That’s why the business took off.”

Danny also attests to the power of persistence and hard work. “I’d pass out flyers every day in the hot sun for several hours a day, set up tables in gyms, work 12 hour shifts every day until I got where I wanted to be. I was super focused on growing my concept,” he added.

Smoothie Spot has also taken a lead on helping the community with food insecurity, a growing issue in Miami due to the COVID economy. “We have to step up and help solve this problem,” Danny said. “It’s the right thing to do, and it helps the brand at the same time.”

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