Founder of Acoustic Guitar Strings Brand Vibe Strings Interviewed by Guitarpreneur

Fran Gaffney, founder of the acoustic guitar strings brand, Vibe Strings, in conversation about focus and the business of acoustic guitar strings with Eric Beaty of Guitarpreneur.

Vibe Strings Acoustic Guitar Strings hit the market last year and are available on Since then, they have been steadily growing a loyal fan base and earning 5 star reviews for their acoustic guitar strings and customer service on While launching Vibe Strings to the market, Fran developed a set of personalized time management, productivity and focus tools to achieve the business objectives of Vibe Strings while maintaining a fulfilled family life. In hangout with Guitarpreneur’s Eric Beaty , he discusses the lessons learned and implemented to keep customers happy and the business running successfully.

Vibe Strings are exclusively available from Amazon’s business model is based on customer reviews and recommendations allowing Vibe Strings to react in real time to customer recommendations and feedback. Maintaining focus and a clear vision of the business objectives, Fran has built a team of people around him whose focus is on customer service and delivering an excellent customer experience. To achieve this, Vibe Strings have come through months of dedicated testing, communication and the implementation of processes to tweak out their own personalized voice within Amazon. Unlike other new businesses which allow themselves to be distracted by the immediate challenges that come day to day, Vibe Strings have actively and strategically managed their growth and development to keep their focus on customers and building a growing and loyal customer base.

Throughout the interview Fran refers to the tools and methods he has developed to prioritize his own time, to keep himself and his team motivated and focused, and to manage his doubts and fears are shared.

Fran Gaffney, Vibe Strings owner says “In the past month, we’ve implemented our idea of “Trust the Process” which has resulted in more productive ideas being implemented, maintaining our focus towards and bringing us closer to achieving our business objectives”.

Eric Beaty’s The Guitarpreneur Page on YouTube is a channel dedicated to guitar playing and becoming a better bluegrass guitarist with links to tips, webisodes, articles and guitar lessons. After testing and playing Vibe Strings on his own guitars, Eric has published his own Vibe Strings acoustic guitar strings review and really put the strings through their paces. Vibe Strings and Guitarpreneur have teamed up to offer Vibe Strings acoustic guitar strings at a discounted price to Guitarpreneur followers.

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