FotoYou App Announces Official iOS Store Launch

The app lets users have fun with their photos, earning credits and rewards with pictures that represent who they truly are, reports

The developers behind the FotoYou App are pleased to announce their official Apple App Store launch. The app gives users the opportunity to have more fun with their photos by earning both credits and rewards with pictures that reflect their individual style and flair. These credits can then be used for a great cause! They can help end world hunger.

"As smartphones continue to upgrade their camera capabilities, many people are developing a newfound love for taking pictures and videos and sharing them with friends andfamily. Fortunately, the FotoYou app is bringing a fresh wave of excitement to what has become a favorite pastime. Simply put, FotoYou is a social media app where people can come together to sell credits or bid on photos and videos that represent them. With this new app, users can get rewarded for sharing great snaps with the world," said Andrew Barnum.

FotoYou has a wide array of entertaining features for creators and users. To start using the FotoYou app, users simply log in by creating an account with their email address. Upon sign up, users can choose to follow other users, upload their own photos and videos, and decide whether or not they want to allow the sale of those photos or videos for credits they can later use to help world hunger through partnerships that FotoYou has formed with charitable organizations. Users can also use the new app to find communities and connect with amazing photographers, bloggers, and other people from around the world.

"We care more about the users than money. Every photo and video has value. FotoYou won't just be a bidding social media app. We seriously want to help end starvation while supporting every community and hungry families," said Andrew Barnum.

The FotoYou app takes social media sharing to another level by allowing users to bid on or buy photos and videos for credits as well as sell their own, all while earning in-app credits referred to as "Stardust." Stardust points are what give users the capability to place bids and buy content. Users can also purchase Stardust so they have more resources to buy those amazing photos and videos from anyone around the world.

Barnum continued, "One of the best things about the new app is that the FotoYou community gives back to those in need. Anyone can use their Stardust points to raise money to put more food on plates for hungry people. With FotoYou's partnerships with beneficial organizations, the money will be used to donate food, build hospitals, and build food shelters around the world. We are trying to raise money to hire and support more communities. We can make a serious positive impact for the communities, social media experience and hungry people around the world."

The FotoYou app is a place where users across the globe can enjoy expressing themselves through positivity and inspiration, and even more importantly use that expression to help end world hunger. People, users and creators coming together to put food on a plate for every family. Download FotoYou in the Apple App Store to get started today!

About FotoYou App:

The FotoYou app allows users to have fun with photos by sharing, liking, commenting, and even earning stars and Stardust rewards for getting lots of likes. Users can earn Stardust credits through the app by bidding on and selling their photos for Stardust that can then be used to help world hunger. With a commitment to give to those in need, the FotoYou developers donate a portion of the money earned to help charities working to end hunger around the world.

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