Former Restaurant Owner Invents Affordable Commercial Disposer Alternative

With no moving parts and needing no electricity, the Drain Strainer cuts costs and helps any commercial kitchen run more efficiently, inventor reports

Commercial Garbage Disposal Repair can be costly and disruptive, but it does not have to be the norm. A restaurant owner of 15 years has invented a device that makes the finicky, unreliable Commercial Garbage Disposal obsolete. The Drain Strainer collects solid food waste, while still allowing sinks to drain quickly.

Using no electricity at all, the Drain Strainer does away with disposal repairs, fouled grease traps, and blocked drains, helping any commercial kitchen run more smoothly and cut costs. The Drain Strainer is available in three sizes and with a variety of mounting options, making for a perfect fit with any kitchen. Easy to install and simple for workers to use, the Drain Strainer eliminates an entire class of formerly troublesome commercial-kitchen problems.

"As a restaurateur for many years, I was frequently frustrated by the need to attend to broken garbage disposals, backed-up drains, and fouled grease traps" said Drain Strainer inventor Brian Ash, "I knew there had to be a better answer. After plenty of experimentation and testing in busy kitchens, the Drain Strainer was born. It makes clogged drains and broken disposals things of the past, while still allowing every sink to drain quickly. Our customers often can't believe what a difference the Drain Strainer makes, and we're always happy to help others understand what it can do."

Restaurants and other food-service businesses have to account not only for liquid waste, but also solids and semi-solids like uneaten food. Many commercial-kitchen sinks are equipped with powerful garbage disposals that are meant to mince solid waste fine enough that it can be released safely into a floor drain. Another option is to fit sinks with strainers that catch solids before they make their way out.

Both of these approaches have inherent drawbacks, commonly creating expensive trouble and disruption in commercial kitchens. Commercial garbage disposals are notorious for failing in a variety of ways, from motors and bearings seizing to seals giving out. In-sink strainers inhibit the flow of liquid waste while catching solids, with the need to empty them frequently encouraging employees to find ways of avoiding their use altogether.

The Drain Strainer does away with all these problems and others, helping any commercial kitchen operate in a more efficient, cost-effective way. Easily mounted underneath any commercial sink, the Drain Strainer is based around a large, removable tray that catches solid waste while still allowing liquid to drain freely. From time to time, the captured waste can easily be removed for composting or simply disposed of along with other solid garbage. Built to last, the Drain Strainer requires virtually no maintenance, particularly compared to the often-troublesome commercial garbage disposals it replaces.

About The Drain Strainer:
A commercial garbage disposal alternative that really works, the Drain Strainer uses no electricity, will not break down, and keeps sinks draining quickly while trapping solids for easy, convenient removal.

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