Former NZ SAS Commando Launches Groundbreaking Self-Defense Initiative Amid Rising Global Violence

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Former NZ SAS Commando Damian Porter launches online self-defense courses and workshops worldwide to empower individuals against rising violence.

In the face of growing violence and unprovoked attacks, former NZ SAS Commando and Australian Police Officer- Damian Porter has launched a series of revolutionary on-line self-defence courses and in-person workshops.

A decorated former New Zealand SAS Commando Porter says the courses, available on his 'How Not To Die Guy' website, aim to empower individuals across the globe, regardless of age or background.

"My mission is to use my skills, training and experience to help people protect themselves and live a happy and confident life in this crazy world.”

"It seems almost every day we’re reading about some brutal attack on innocent victims, just trying to live their lives. We see it on the news every week. We’ve all got to be better prepared for this type of unprovoked violence."

Porter’s unique blend of Special Forces training and law enforcement experience has culminated in a training program designed for practicality and ease of access, drawing from Porter's extensive experience over 25 years."

Porter’s initiative is an open invitation to individuals across the globe to take charge of their personal safety. For more information or to enrol in the courses, please visit
For all media enquiries please contact Damian directly on the information above. 

Contact Info:
Name: Damian Porter
Email: Send Email
Organization: How Not To Die Guy
Phone: +61 410 505 225

Release ID: 89127604

Name: Damian Porter
Email: Send Email
Organization: How Not To Die Guy
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