Former Marine, In Trouble With The Law, Becomes Advocate For Restoring Former Inmate Civil Rights

A Former Marine is released from prison and creates a how-to road map, for the masses looking to have restoration of civil rights.

With a total 2.3 million people in the nation’s prisons currently, the U.S.A. is the world leader in incarceration. Ironically, the system designed to dissuade crime has seen a 500% increase in the last thirty years. The prison overcrowding has led to local, state and federal governments being overwhelmed with the financial burden or maintaining them. The prison system keeps finding ways to expand, however, the focus on assisting inmates once they are released is all but non-existent.

Cece Espeut a former U.S. Marine sergeant is an example of how things can go wrong. Getting in trouble with the law after her discharge from service she was incarcerated and found guilty of drug charges. Espeut did her time and when released found she had an issue millions of Americans run into after paying their debt and serving their sentence, the loss of civil rights.

Civil rights lost include the right to bear arms, along with voting, traveling abroad, jury service, employment in certain fields, public social benefits, public housing, and even parental rights. Unfortunately, prison programs do not factor in the restoring of civil rights and 90% of facilities do not teach inmates how to address this issue. Faced with this dilemma Espeut immediately began a battle to get her civil rights returned. After ten years, a lot of patience and tedious work, Espeut finds herself a contributing member of society in possession of her civil rights.

Espeut noticed the void between someone’s incarceration, being released and actually formulating a clear plan of action for civil rights reinstatement. “Eight out ten people in America knows someone who is in prison, about to come out of prison or was just released.” Espeut says. “We call these people, family, friends, or even children. I want to see everyone who has paid their debt, become a healthy addition to society. How else can we function as a whole?”

Espeut has created a guide to restoring civil rights and is about to release her first in depth book on the same topic. Armed with experience and determination Espeut has become the light for millions of former inmates still in the dark about how, where and when to get their civil rights back. If you would like a copy of her guide, or would like to be put on a mailing list for her books release. Contact Espeut at the information provided below.

Contact Info:
Name: Cece Espeut
Email: Send Email
Organization: Civil Rights Restoration Advocate
Address: PO Box 260805 Pembroke Pines, Fl 33026
Phone: 954-478-5109

Release ID: 91314