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Forex industry statistics indicate the daily turnover revenue exceeds $5 trillion, turning the market into the largest and most liquid financial market anywhere in the world. According to Mark Lewis, spokesperson for Forexvestor, an online site dedicated to assisting traders and investors, part of the appeal of the industry is the low entry requirements for traders to start a Forex account.

Says Lewis, "Retail traders have turned to Forex trading because the initial capital outlay can be relatively small, if they wish. Some traders start with as little as $100, a computer and Internet connection. However, to be successful, really successful, you need so much more than that. With the many brokers online now, consumers often don't know where to turn, therefore, our site can be a a goldmine of information for the Forex newbie."

Lewis goes on to say has launched reviews of broker sites, information for beginning investors and other news of interest for all Forex traders. Explains Lewis, "A well-written Etoro review was recently posted for readers regarding an innovative platform for trading many newcomers to Forex will be interested in reading. We are continually updating the site with new and quality posts about relevant information to keep both novices and old hands informed about the industry. One shouldn't become complacent about the tools they use. There is always something newer, better and possibly more lucrative on the horizon."

While there are possibly many Etoro reviews on the Internet, Lewis explains brings an objective viewpoint to their site, along with an easy to read format and many other articles of interest to the investors of the Forex market. Says Mark Lewis, "Some people treat Forex trading like it is casino gambling. However, these people are not going to be successful very often or for very long. The successful Forex trader is going to be the one who does his research on the various brokers. Our reviews help you do that very thing."

Lewis concludes, "If I could offer one piece of advice to the new Forex trader, it's to choose an online broker who offers a trading platform that fits with your style of trading. It needs to have options and features you will actually use. While the options may sound impressive, if you don't use them in reality, they aren't worth a dime. Take advantage of the free trials offered and play with several different products before making a decision."

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