Foration Releases Impressive New Statistics On Their Tech Support Performance Standards

Foration has undergone a thorough internal investigation of their own performance standards and have published the impressive results publicly to demonstrate their methodology.

IT has now become the single most vital infrastructure within a company to support and facilitate its growth and development, and only by using the latest techniques and technologies can companies expect to keep pace in a ferociously competitive and globalised world. Doing so however can be expensive, especially if investing in top-flight in-house IT development teams. Foration offers consultation and an out sourced solution as an alternative, and has recently released figures for their last quarter demonstrating they are just as fast as an in-house team without the fixed costs and personnel issues.

New service performance statistics released for the last quarter showed that 99% of all requests had been assigned to an engineer within one hour, and of those, 75% of all requests had in fact been resolved within one hour. Indeed, 88% of all requests had been completely resolved within one day, leaving only the most complex challenges to be solved within two.

The company ( offers 24/7 support and third party management, allowing businesses to get on with running a business while their IT solutions are taken care of by their committed team of resident experts. The company provides security, continuity and strategic recommendations to optimize and improve ROI.

A spokesperson for Foration explained, “We were thrilled to discover our statistics told the story we were hoping they would. We have always strived to offer the fastest and most effective service possible, and we believe that is what these figures show. We are always redoubling our commitment to innovation and evolution, driving forward the ways in which we create solutions for our clients that will provide the best return on investment as well as the most streamlined, simple and elegant interactions to facilitate their work and goals. We always aim to outdo ourselves in every quarter, but this one is looking tough to beat.”

About Foration: Founded in 2007, Foration is an IT support firm dedicated to challenging what IT can do for business. Foration uses the cloud to ensure full coverage of all devices in all places twenty four hours a day, and puts innovation at the heart of its practices. They offer simple solutions that drive business efficiency, using the latest technology to do so, while offering unparalleled reliability and support.

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