For Power Couples; Surya Success Shares Tips on a Stress-Free Valentine’s Season

Surya Success, a stress management and peak performance company, shares advice on how to have it all–a successful career and a thriving love life.

According to the American Psychological Association, romantic relationships are within the top four causes of stress, surpassed only by money, the economy, and family responsibilities. In addition, the increase of pressure and expectation during the Valentine’s Season can challenge the balance between work and romance. Surya Success, a 21st century peak performance company, empowers professionals to achieve self-mastery and enhance relationships.

Surya Success™ ( works with executives from Fortune 500 companies–offering programs designed to master stress and increase productivity–supporting to enhance both personal and professional life. To help couples achieve this balance, Surya Success shares the following 3 tips:

1. Have a Passion for Self-Improvement

Vogue Magazine ( shares that Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer and husband, investor Zachary Bogue, make time to run half-marathons together, a practice that demands willpower and a passion for personal development. Another couple known for their determination is Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, who are often quoted about the importance of mutual self-improvement in their relationship.

2. Cultivate the Patience for Compassion

Karen Hanrahan, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy and Human Rights in the Obama Administration, says that it is important for couples to “Always put forward the effort to communicate, consider each other’s goals and remember the little things that are important to [each partner]. Always be ready to listen.”

3. Practice Mastery Over Stress

Dr. Linda Freedman, Chicago marital and relationship therapist, thinks that Valentine’s Day should be an expression of love, but agrees that stress can get in the way. She shares that the pressure of making the appropriate romantic gesture coupled with a rigorous workload can cause unnecessary stress both before and after Valentine’s Day. Surya Success aims to address this issue by teaching specific methods to support emotional intelligence and stress relief, which can be invaluable in helping couples develop successful communication.

Power couples committed to achieving success in all areas of life can visit to develop new skills that can facilitate the balance between a thriving career and a loving relationship.

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