Fontenot Law Launches Renewed Advocation Efforts in Answer to Child Support Evasion

An aggressive approach to the burgeoning trend of shirking financial responsibilities can help families steer clear of financial ruin, publishes

Although the emotional impact of divorce lies beyond measure, local authorities on the subject place the annual financial cost of family collapse in the state of Utah to exceed $275 million. Included in these statistics are the 75 percent of custodial parents who fail to receive the amount of child support to which they are entitled, causing them to fall below the poverty line. In light of this and other avoidable issues, William Fontenot of Fontenot Law has launched increased efforts to ensure the rights of area residents are upheld in the face of divorce.

Said Fontenot, "Over the years, I've seen a significant increase in the number of parents attempting to evade their financial responsibilities following a divorce, leaving their children and former spouses struggling to make ends meet. Resolving such a matter tends to be a fruitless effort without the help of a family law attorney, but we have the experience to help clients navigate the complexities of cases like these and ensure they don't fall victim to financial ruin."

Utah law dictates all parents be held responsible for the financial and emotional support of their children, yet many face difficulty in building a solid enough argument to sway the court in regards to the amount of child and spousal support needed to rebuild their lives. The likelihood of establishing a convincing case increases with a thorough analysis of the parent's financial situation and being able to provide proper documentation of expenses. A divorce lawyer plays a crucial role in ensuring these elements are in place.

Once court orders have been established, a number of families find themselves immersed in a convoluted battle to have them enforced.Laws have been developed to protect parents in this situation; however, the measures required to reach resolution vary by case. The majority are unsure of where to begin, ultimately facing one closed door after another when making such an attempt on their own. Those well versed in family law are able to point them in the right direction.

Concluded Fontenot, "Unfortunately, this is a growing trend and one that can be difficult to resolve without the guidance of a Utah Law Pro. Parents should never face a matter like this on their own, and they don't have to. We offer the expertise to help our clients determine the best course of action in these and other issues, such as tax implications following divorce, clarifying arguments before they reach the court and going into the proceedings with realistic expectations. We encourage anyone facing divorce, regardless of how amicable or contentious it may be, to contact us and find out how we can help."

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