Follow Swap:Make digital asset custody, financial management, and transaction more free

Follow swap is world's first fully decentralized digital asset custody platform based on blockchain technology.

“Not your keys,not your coins.”

In blockchain world,There is a consensus that only when you control the private key, you can control your digital assets.

Traditional asset management business models are facing problems such as decentralized management, information barriers, high labor costs, and inconsistent data management. In addition, the growth of revenue growth and asset management scale have slowed sharply, and regulatory pressures and concerns about access to liquidity continue to increase.

Blockchain technology based on distributed ledger has the characteristics of transparency, immutability, and decentralization, making it an ideal choice for asset management. Blockchain can help asset managers solve many problems, such as:

1.Simplify management and reduce costs, reduce data processing, and eliminate traditional infrastructure;

2.Significantly reduce the friction cost in investment and provide innovative asset structure;

3.Control the flow of funds through executable scripts, forming a real asset management platform without any subject control, and maximizing the return rate of investors.

The digital asset market led by Bitcoin is gradually replacing traditional currencies, and the traditional financial model is being subverted.

Meanwhile,the digital currency economy is exploding, creating a huge demand for digital asset custody. However, the digital currency market lacks of professional investment advisory, decentralization, intelligence, and professionalism, and is still in the blue ocean market.

This is exactly what Follow Swap wants to solve.

Follow swap is world's first fully decentralized digital asset custody platform based on blockchain technology. It provides users with a fully decentralized asset custody service. It insures that users can control their assets all the time with the principle of fairness and justice.
Follow Swap applying principle of EA strategy has developed a set of AI service trading strategies, including Grid Trading, Martin Trading and Momentum Trading strategies. These strategies can help users gain profits more easily. Users just need to deposit USDT、BTC and ETH into the platform, and then they can gain a monthly rate of return from 18% to 30%. Assets can be reinvested or withdrawn at any time without any risks, and earnings will be distributed to users’ account every day. The operation is simple and easy.

Follow Swap is trying to build a world's top blockchain digital asset automated trading system by using EA strategy to achieve one-click documentary, aggregate API, big data analysis, and public opinion monitoring. It will connect the world's leading exchanges to create a world's top blockchain financial ecology, which covering decentralized wallets, decentralized exchanges (DEX), global blockchain ecological funds, mining pools, etc.

Within the Follow Swap system, it mainly applies the following three EA automation strategies:

1.Grid trading strategy is currently one of the most popular strategies for quantitative trading platforms in the digital currency market. The grid trading method is suitable for volatile markets, which means buying low and selling high. The specific method is to divide the funds into n shares, that is a fixed amount of a single transaction. Firstly you need to open a position, and then set a percentage or spread to determine the grid width, such as 5%, buy one shares if the currency price drops by 5%, and sell one shares if the price increase by 5% and repeat trading like this.

2.Martin trading strategy is evolved from the method of casino betting. The routine is simple to double and increase positions, mainly focusing on a matching method for fund management.

3.Trend trading strategy is currently the most mature strategy in the digital currency market. Entry and exit operations are generally carried out based on various indicators and strategies.
The platform has issued 210,000 community governance tokens FOL. 70% of these tokens are occupied by coal miners, 7% of these tokens are owned by the Genesis nodes, that is to say, 14700 pieces were pre-excavated by nodes, and the rest are occupied by the start team and consultants.
Users need to pledge their FOL tokens when they participate in the EA automated trading process. With the increasing of the amount of decentralized asset custody, the FOL price will present a unilateral rising trend.
Individual and team users can get promotion authority and gain benefits after they recharge 500 plus USDT to activate the AlphaDog of the Follow Swap. Promotion benefits include stable and variable incomes. The stable income is daily given, and its totally return of rate can reach up to 18% to 30% monthly. The variable income comprises 100% of the revenue from direct recommended users and 10% from indirect recommended users. This value-added fission can help all participants in the community gain benefits together!
There are 4 core advantages by using Follow swap system.

1. Stable transaction
2. High profitability
3. Risk management
4. Low cost

The Follow Swap team comes from world's top blockchain and network companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple, and applies EA automation strategy technology to help users to realize decentralized asset custody services. The platform is safe, stable and sustainable, and it is an asset custody platform that is worthy of trust.

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