Focused To Success With Clinton Rotteveel

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Clinton Rotteveel, a veteran business leader with experience in various industries, has launched Focused to Success, a training program that guides companies towards massive success.

Clinton Rotteveel is an Ex-Financial Planner who had 2 consecutive years as the No 1 Financial planner across Australia within the national company. He has now created Focused to Success which is a program where he guides and coaches businesses from the ground up, whether it’s a startup company or a business that has been running for a while but has not yet lifted off the ground.

Rotteveel covers many different aspects of a business such as, personality profiling of the workforce, guiding the team to what Rotteveel likes to call peak state of performance, and the business process, system assets and drilling deep into businesses to grow the business with their current assets and expand their offering, and look at ways to hedge against different market risks. Rotteveel offers different programs and workshops that are proven to create success.

His newly launched programs are the Classic Program which is focused on transforming one’s finances, health, relationships and career. The Total Focus Workshop which is covered over 2 half-day workshops and is focused on mastering emotions, creating a desired future and action planning. And last but not least his Results Program, this is focused on strategy, empowerment, and results. Macquarie Bank implemented this program across three of their divisions, it resulted in a 200% increase in business. This amounted to an estimated one billion dollar increase in sales for the year immediately following the program.

All of Rotteveel’s programs and workshops are designed to turn B class employees into A class employees. On his website, Rotteveel offers a free 50 minute Talk, where he explains how this process can easily be applied to keep a team on track and focused to constructively achieve noticeable results. To find out more on Clinton Rotteveel and Focused on Success, visit the website here:

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