Foam Aroma Launches New Coffee Cup Lid Product

The latest coffee-related product to hit the marketplace is the disposable lid for to-go coffee. Customers can enjoy the aroma and the foam sensation without the risk of spills.

Foam Aroma and Craig Bailey are pleased to announce the launch of a new product. The company and its founder have created to-go coffee cup lids which allow the customer to smell the aroma/scent/fragrance of the coffee. At the same time, the lids help to prevent the risk of spilling the hot beverage, with resulting burns. The product was developed following a personal experience of Craig as he compared the different experiences linked to drinking from a traditional to-go cup and drinking from a ceramic cup.

Craig explained why he put in the effort to develop the new to go Coffee Cup Lid. “My moment of inspiration came from a drive home in Ridgefield, WA when I stopped by a local coffee shop to get a latte. I had some extra time, so I decided to go inside and relax while enjoying my drink from an open cup. It was such a marvelous and memorable experience. I had to go back the next day! This time it was in a to-go cup and lid which provided a disappointing experience.”

Drinking from a ceramic cup provides foam, aroma, and the ability to control temperature. The quality of an open ceramic cup provides better experience than a lid with a small hole. The creative and unique design of the disposable Coffee Cup Lid from FoamAroma allows the drinker to experience the enticing aroma and feel of silky foam from each sip, even when a to-go cup is used.

FoamAroma's plastic coffee cup lid is designed to enhance the coffee or tea drinking experience by engaging more of the senses. The customer on the go can now have a similarly enjoyable and rewarding experience as those drinking in the shop from an open cup. Customers can feel the foam and inhale the aroma while avoiding the burn and geyser squirt.

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