Flying Weasel Becomes Authorized Louisiana Grills Retailer

Oklahoma's premier Homebrewing & Grilling supplies firm is now an authorized dealer for Louisiana Grills in the state of Oklahoma. The products associated with Louisiana Grills are high quality.

The Flying Weasel Homebrewing & Grilling Supplies and Jeff Bell are pleased to announce that they are now recognized as an authorized Louisiana Grills retailer for the state of Oklahoma. With its emphasis on high quality, the grills and related products are a great match for the Flying Weasel's grilling audience. The product categories available at ( include premium wood pellets, grills and accessories, spices and seasonings and other accessories.

Any grill master knows that the best way to great flavor results in grilled foods is to infuse the foods with real smoke flavor. The outlet offers a line of premium wood pellets and hardwood lump charcoal. The pellets are made from 100 percent hardwood blends with no artificial binders or additives in the pellets. There are many different delicious pellets flavors to complement meals.

Some of the products include strong and smoky Wisconsin Hickory and medium to heavy, sweet Tennessee Whiskey Barrel blend. Texas Mesquite blend is strong and earthy, while New England Apple provides a mild and sweet flavor. Pennsylvania Cherry has a mild, sweet and fruity aroma and the BBQ Pellet flavors are a winner in competitions and are a perfect blend of sweet, savory and tart. Georgia Pecan brings a delicate Southeast flavor with hints of smoky bacon.

All pellets are natural, with no artificial flavors, spray scents, glues or chemicals. They are made by applying high pressure to sawdust, forcing natural juices into the wood to bind the pellets together. The raw wood is sourced from North America to make a superior product. The products are available in twenty and forty pound bags. Louisiana Grills hardwood lump charcoal burns longer, hotter and cleaner.

Unlike other common brands of lump charcoal, no chemical additives or fillers are added to the product. The LG products burn hotter and provide a longer burn performance, providing more consistent flavor for all outdoor grilling experiences, saving time and money.

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