Florida Law Firm Seeks To Empower Elder Clients Through Education And Advocacy

The law firm of Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA assists clients with Medicaid planning, asset protection, elder abuse cases, and many other issues related to elder law, reports www.elderneedslaw.com

It comes as a shock to many families that Medicare does not cover long-term care. In fact, the program only covers the first one hundred days of a nursing home stay that is prompted by a hospitalization, and not all of those days are fully covered. When a person needs ongoing long-term care due to chronic physical or cognitive problems, they must rely on Medicaid or their own assets. Figuring out finances in a time of crisis can seem overwhelming, and that's why the elder care attorneys at Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert encourage clients to start planning early for future needs.

According to Jason Neufeld, Elder Law Attorney, "With potential changes to Medicaid funding in the American Health Care Act, it's more important than ever to get plans in place for long-term care. Sadly, approximately 25% of adults are going to need skilled long-term care at some point in the future, and it comes with a high price tag. Even patients who have diligently saved money can see their savings quickly drain away. Long-term care insurance can help, and so can protecting certain assets before applying for Medicaid."

As a Medicaid Planning Lawyer, Neufeld is seeking to inform as many people as possible through his "Medicaid 101" presentations offered to organizations throughout south Florida. "I've found that a lot of people are unfamiliar with the concept of Medicaid planning, and they wait until medical expenses have forced them into poverty before seeking legal help. I try to speak to as many groups as possible, from local civics organizations to voluntary bar associations."

Family members and spouses are also profoundly affected by the costs of a loved one's long term-care, observed Neufeld. Many spouses, in particular, worry that they will lose their home and all of their assets in order to qualify their partner for Medicaid. A consultation with an elder law or Hospice Attorney can often provide a great sense of relief when family members realize that there are ways to protect assets and still qualify for assistance to pay for intensive long-term and end-of-life care.

In addition to Medicaid planning, Neufeld and his team of attorneys provide advocacy for elders who have been injured or abused, for family members who need a ower of attorney, and for elders and their families in need of community resources. Concluded Neufeld, "We are committed to serving the needs of a vulnerable population. Our goal is to provide the education and advocacy people need in order to plan for an uncertain future." p

About NKP - Elder Law and Medicaid Planning Attorneys

Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA serve elder law clients in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, offering Medicaid planning services and advocacy for elder clients. They emphasize that it is never too early to start planning for long-term care, and they regularly assist clients with such issues as Medicaid applications and planning, paying for nursing home care, protecting assets, establishing power of attorney, and fighting back against elder abuse. Their mission is to empower clients with options and control when long-term care is needed.

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