Floating Board is Offering UL2272 Certified Fire Safe Hoverboards for User Safety

Floating Board is now offering UL2272 certified hoverboards with the best batteries in the business to ensure no amount of use results in dangerous overheating or fires.

The UL2272 certification guarantees that the hoverboard will not overheat and cause dangerous combustion effects. FloatingBoard.com is unique in the market since they only sell certified hoverboards, meaning individuals can rely on the fact that any purchase from the site will be a safe one. Secure payments through PayPal also ensure buyers feel safe with the payment process as much as the product.

Hoverboards have become increasingly prevalent over the last couple of years as they capture the imagination of people throughout the world. Despite their increasing popularity, or perhaps because of it, manufacturing standards are not universally up to scratch, and this has led to headlines about hoverboards catching fire. Some people may want a black hoverboard, but don’t want it to be black from the soot of dangerous, overheating equipment. Thankfully, Floating Boards is an online store that offers exclusively UL2272 certified, fire-safe hoverboards.

This emphasis on safety and quality does not mean that there is a tiny selection of boards to choose from. Floating Board has a huge range of high quality hoverboards in different sizes, colors and styles, ready to be shipped anywhere in USA within 3-4 working days, with a five-day shipping guarantee. All their hoverboards offer between 12-20 miles of ride time for just an hour of charging, thanks to the cutting edge power supplies created by Samsung’s battery department.

A spokesperson for Floating Boards explained, “We offer hoverboards that are not just safe, but high performance, and all this for affordable prices. That’s because we are committed to ensuring the hoverboard revolution will continue to thrive. There is clearly a desire for these products, and making sure people can source them safely and effectively has been our number one priority. As a result, we now lead the market for hoverboard retailers. We look forward to continuing to blaze a trail throughout the rest of 2016, and hope people can make best use of our site for the upcoming holiday gift buying season.”

About Floating Boards: Floating Boards are the industry leader in online retail for hoverboards. They offer dozens of different, high quality and affordable hoverboards in a huge range of colours and styles, all manufactured to the highest standards possible. Their experienced team of dedicated customer service professionals are always on hand to offer advice, guidance and support, with guaranteed 5-day shipping. For more information please visit: https://www.floatingboard.com/

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