Flight Literacy Launches Website To Provide Educational Support For Pilots

The website is designed to help current and aspiring pilots to educate themselves on the intricacies of piloting aircraft, reports flightliteracy.com

A well-trained pilot needs a high level of knowledge and expertise in order to safely assume responsibility for an aircraft and its passengers. Therefore, becoming a pilot is a long and involved process requiring flight lessons, supervised flights, many hours in the air, a knowledge test, and a practical exam. These steps are often followed by multiple additional certification programs. In order to support pilots in their education, Flight Literacy has launched a new website with reference materials that cover all the information a pilot needs to know, according to spokesperson Sam Smith.

"It doesn't matter whether you've been flying for years or just starting out," said Smith. "In fact, new pilots are often told that their first certificate is just a 'license to learn.' In reality, pilots have to be lifelong learners because once you have the basics covered, you still have to stay up to date on changes in technology and regulations and, of course, best practices. That's why we put together this website as an online training manual for pilots to refer to throughout their careers."

The website, www.flightliteracy.com, has two main sections, "Home" and "The Basics." The home page lists all articles beginning with the most recent while "The Basics" offers a menu of topics beginning with a section titled "Introduction To Flying." The introduction includes the history of flight, the history and role of the FAA, aircraft classifications, and the steps to becoming a pilot. Prospective pilots can learn about how to choose a flight school, what student pilots can expect from their education, and how they can prepare for the required knowledge and skills tests a pilot has to pass.

Experienced pilots can also find useful reference materials at flightliteracy.com. Noted Smith, "We have posted a great many documents of use to pilots in service, such as flight manuals, airworthiness directives, equipment lists, and information about specific documentation required to fly an aircraft and how to get it. We have also included articles on weather theory, navigation, weight and balance, and aircraft systems. A good pilot is more than a good driver; he or she needs to understand every aspect of the vehicle, how it operates, and how to recognize and troubleshoot problems."

All of the content on the website is free and available to anyone. Concluded Smith, "We encourage anyone who is interested in a career as a pilot to check out the resources on our website. It looks like a lot to learn, but when you fall in love with flight, it's all information worth having."

About Flight Literacy

Flight Literacy is an online handbook for current and future pilots, and it covers everything from the basics of flight to the finer points of navigation, aerodynamics, mechanics, and technology. The free resource aims to be clear, comprehensive, and authoritative with detailed articles and links to further information as needed. The website's mission is to help pilots educate themselves on the intricacies of piloting aircraft.

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