Fitnique, LC. Reports on Females and Strength Training in America

Women don't engage in enough strength training, which can lead to weight gain, osteoporosis and more. Fitnique encourages women to lift weights without worry of adding bulk, reports

The Centers of Disease Control conducted a survey in 2011 that found only 29 percent of adults get the recommended amount of strength training each week. As this figure includes both men and women, the percentage of females who get the needed amount is even lower. Many women hesitate to lift weights and strength train as they are worried about bulking up. Fitnique, LC wishes to clear up this misinformation and show women they can have a great body while getting the exercise they truly need.

"Fitnique provides personal training packages as well as personal nutrition plans for women. Strength training remains the focus of the training programs, with the mission being to prove that females can lift weights, add in some cardio and end up with a toned, slender and sexy body," Brandy Cooper, founder of Fitnique, explains.

Bone density is one reason women need to incorporate more strength training into their exercise routine. As a woman ages, her bone density decreases. This is particularly noticeable in the years following the onset of menopause, yet weight lifting can help to minimize bone loss and build new bone, especially in the spine and hips. This is of importance as these two areas are prone to osteoporosis. A strong core and hips helps a woman maintain her balance, key to preventing falls and breaks.

"Educating women on how the body works and how exercise and food affect the body is of great importance, thus Fitnique makes this a priority in the one on one personal training sessions. Women learn this information in terms they can understand to better enable them to apply the information to their daily lives. For example, I share why certain foods should be eaten at certain times depending on the workout to be completed," Cooper continues.

Lifting weights also helps to boost a woman's testosterone level. Women often believe this increase will lead to more bulk, yet this isn't the truth. It actually builds lean muscle mass, which is of great help in increasing the woman's metabolic activity and keeping weight down. As women tend to gain ten pounds each decade throughout the middle years, more needs to be done to ensure women understand why they do so and how to combat it.

"Providing clients with workouts and programs isn't enough. They need the autonomy and empowerment to build their own. Every woman should feel sexy and confident and, with the help of Fitnique, they can. As a woman, I understand the challenges ladies face when it comes to weight loss and body image. I create all workouts so they can be carried out wherever the client is, including in their own home. All workouts make use of light weights, small equipment or the person's body weight to ensure this goal is attainable," Cooper states.

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An online personal training site focusing on strength training for women, Fitnique advocates for strength training and wants to dispel the myth that women who lift weights get bulky, as opposed to toned and trim.

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