First Payment Services, A Worldwide Credit Card Processor Partners with EO Businesses

The credit card processor, First Payment Services, partners with EO (Entrepreneur's Organization) and sponsors educational conferences as a strategic alliance partner. FPS offers special discounts to EO businesses.

Nashville based First Payment Services announced a strategic partnership with EO (Entrepreneur's Organization) to provide more competitive credit card processing rates for EO businesses. FPS was drawn to EO because of the educational conferences which promote business growth in communities worldwide. More information is available at

First Payment Services is an affordable credit card processor located at 2702 Greystone Rd., Nashville, TN and they provide cc processing for businesses and banks of all sizes, whether it be through a partnership with a financial institution, or directly with merchants.

FPS has been in business for 14+ years, with over 25 years of business experience. In order to bring awareness to this new partnership, First Payment Services has partnered with Andrew Ansley SEO, a Nashville based digital marketing agency with a focus on SEO.

The partnership intends to expand awareness around First Payment Services quality of credit card processing services along with transparency around the processor's processing rates, which include interchange plus, tiered pricing, or flat-rate pricing. FPS is firmly committed to demonstrating honesty and professionalism to all merchants and deeply wishes for businesses to have their services be out of sight and out of mind, rather than a thorn in their side.

For those interested in contacting First Payment Services, you can find all the information on their website

FPS specializes in providing processing for community banks and their clients, for EO specific businesses, and for merchants of all sizes nationwide. A major issue in the CC processing industry is that companies struggle with High-risk merchants and the approval process is difficult and it takes a while to transition from the previous processor.

With First Payment Services, they specialize in high risk, easy approvals, and quick transitions. The First Payment Services explains that “we take great pride in our work and are passionate about treating people with respect, integrity and kindness. We love credit card processing because it allows us to make one of the headaches of doing business a little less painful. Our entire business model is built around making merchants more money behind the scenes so they can focus on what matters to them."

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