First-Mover Powers Ahead of Competition does not only provide unprecedented transparency to its players but also introduces innovative incentivization models that allow users to partake in revenues generated by the online gaming site.

Blockchain technology has captured the hearts and minds of many netizens around the world. The prospect of the internet evolving into a value network titillated the imaginations of many pioneering entrepreneurs who sought to become first-movers to leverage this emerging technology. Inspired by the immense success of Bitcoin, they began exploring the different applications of this revolutionary technology not seen since the dawn of the internet itself. Gaming Platform
One of these visionaries is Kylie the co-founder of the first decentralized social gaming platform in the world, is a blockchain-based online social gaming platform. It does not only provide unprecedented transparency to its players but also introduces innovative incentivization models that allow users to partake in revenues generated by the online gaming site. This was made possible through the use of third-generation blockchain EOS and the issuance of EOS-based token DICE Tokens.

Due to the highly competitive nature of the online casino industry, many centralized gaming sites offer incentives to entice players to keep using them. However, like in any other centralized organization, users are entirely dependent on their operator’s willingness to honor rewards, memberships, and bonuses. In other words, these operators can easily and unilaterally deny or restrict users from accessing them or even run fraudulent programs. 

This will not happen with the blockchain-based gaming platform. Kylie reveals they aim to give the best gaming experience to their users by providing a fair, open, borderless, and easy to use gaming platform as well as through the implementation of unique and innovative revenue sharing programs, with the desire of ultimately becoming the leader in the blockchain gaming industry. Revenue Sharing Program
The use of blockchain tech and the issuance of its utility token, DICE Token, guarantees players a whole new level of transparency and trust protected by the same technology that made cryptocurrencies such a secure asset—  immutable, unstoppable and irreversible. operators will not be able to stop, alter, or restrict the distribution of incentives, bonuses, or even stop rewards distributions.

There are several different ways shares its revenues with its users. Primarily, they share 50% of their profits with users who stake their DICE Tokens. Recently, just announced their change of DICE mining. DICE token will no longer be mined by playing games. Instead, 0.01% of circulating DICE tokens will be issued to DICE stakers every day. With this change, the minimum APR for staking DICE will be 3.65%, without including payout from platform profit.

DICE token can also be acquired by procuring them in Newdex, the leading EOS decentralized exchange. Dice also share 20% its revenues through its banking system and referral rewards, and 10% for its lucky draw jackpot. Buyback Program
Recently released a new account system that enables prospective customers to play in their gaming site without having to create an EOS account or wallet. To celebrate this development and to demonstrate their team’s confidence in the future of, they are launching a massive buyback program to increase the team’s DICE tokens holdings. This buyback program will happen every last day of every month. 

The very first buyback program will commence on July 31, 2020, at Newdex. The Team plans to use 20% of their profits for the buyback program. As an added bonus they will add more budget for the first three months of the buyback program. For July the team will add an additional 5,000 EOS. This additional budget will increase to 10,000 EOS in the two succeeding months August and September. 

According to their announcement, the exact amount will be displayed on’s website in real-time. The buyback will be placed as a market order regardless of the current market price. 

Registration System
The team has many big development plans for the year 2020. Two of which have already been implemented. The registration system and the Individual EOS account creation for each user. The registration process allows new users to easily register with a desired username, deposit and withdraw tokens directly to exchanges and wallets. 

FREE Token
The team also added a valueless token called FREE Token. As the name implies these tokens are given out for free every day upon login in. Users who log in will automatically receive 1000 FREE every day upon login. It is an EOS-based token which can be withdrawn and transferred.

The primary purpose of the token is to allow new users to test the platform and allow them to play for fun. It also allows users to test deposit and withdrawal functionality without risking real tokens. Moreover playing with FREE users will still be issued with Fairness verification receipts.

The tokens will not increase VIP levels or leaderboard standing but Dividends and referral will be paid for FREE wagers. 

Conclusion Team’s decision to commence a buyback program is a clear demonstration of the organization’s supreme confidence in its business. Taking a close look at the project it is not surprising they are. The team has many upcoming updates that will bring enormous value to its users. More importantly, these future improvements will make one of the most competitive online social gaming platforms in the industry.

Only time will tell if all these plans will come into fruition or if it will ever succeed but one thing is for sure, the team will continue to introduce innovative ways to improve and enhance the gaming experience of its users. Their tireless efforts and strong desire to be the best in the business might be enough for them to realize their dream of becoming the number one blockchain-based gaming platform in the industry.

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