First Cryptocurrency Utilizing AI On The Blockchain, Sapience AIFX Connects Bitcoin Coin Networks, Leads Consumerization Of The Blockchain

Bitcoin based decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and AI project Sapience AIFX is first to integrate artificial intelligence on the blockchain. Sapience AIFX project is developing a distributed artificial intelligence system with the goal of enabling neural network services to be consumed by both users and systems.

New cryptocurrency and AI project Sapience AIFX (ticker: XAI) is the first on the market to introduce the use of artificial intelligence (AI) with the blockchain. Artificial Intelligence has intrigued generations and has, with today's technology, the potential to be introduced to a wide spectra of markets. By combining modern AI with the blockchain technology and complete peer-to-peer platform of Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin protocol; Sapience AIFX have introduced artificial intelligence into the blockchain and cryptocurrency networks; a concept unprecedented in today’s cryptocurrency model.

The decentralized Sapience AIFX project has developed a distributed artificial intelligence system running on a cryptocurrency network. In addition, the project has implemented the first distributed database platform running entirely over the bitcoin peer-to-peer protocol, built on top of a distributed hash table with redundancy, resiliency, and multi-dimensional trie-based indexing. These technologies are the first core pieces in the Sapience AIFX platform strategy to be the market leader in the consumerization of the blockchain.

The project has implemented the first in-wallet interactive Lua shell, bringing developers unprecedented capabilities to build solutions leveraging the blockchain, multi-layer perceptron networks, and distributed data storage. The possibilities span from algorithmic trading tools to bioinformatics and data mining, and the traditional applications of deep learning.

The project’s scope has been called “Tesla-esque crazy” and is focused on building end-to-end tools to own the value chain from a deep technology stack to an unparalleled user experience, all enabled by the Sapience Engine. The project will next bring to market a decentralized in-wallet asset experience compatible with the Counterparty protocol, a next generation cross-platform end user wallet, XaiOS privacy-oriented Android custom ROM pre-configured with a number of crypto-currency wallets selected as part of XaiNET, and the Sapience DarkPhone – an Android phone running XaiOS that makes it simple for mainstream users to get started with Bitcoin and pre-installed alternative crypto-currencies using the Sapience AIFX next-generation wallet technology.

Sapience AIFX is the brainchild of American founder Joe Mozelesky who has used his personal interest in AI and 20 plus years of experience in the software and consulting industry, as well as his experience as a partner and practice director to contribute to the launch of the Sapience AIFX platform. Mozelesky is an experienced software architect and has delivered large scale enterprise solutions, commercial product development services, real time systems, and solutions in critical national infrastructure. Mozelesky is now excited to deliver the first digital currency applying AI to the cryptocurrency community and mainstream audience.

Passionate about his aerospace hobbies, Mozelesky aims to develop and launch the XaiSAT micro-satellite running an optimized Sapience AIFX node from low earth orbit, with a long term goal of deploying a Lunar Node on the surface of the moon using an enhanced CubeSat architecture.

Sapience is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency, and was distributed according to the percentage that each donator contributed to the crowd funding campaign. The total number of Sapience coins is 1,123,580, based on the Fibonacci sequence. As a result of burning unsold coins after the crowd fund closed, by sending the unsold coins to a provably un-spendable address, the total number of coins available effectively dropped to approximately 653,734. Sapience Proof-of-stake interest rate is 11% per year, and coins mature after 112 confirmations.

With the launch of Sapience AIFX, the world's first cryptocurrency integrating artificial intelligence and inter-connecting coin networks using the standard bitcoin protocol; blockchain technology might very well have entered a new era of innovation.


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