FinTech Ltd. - Algorithm Upgrade Enhances Performance

After gaining a solid popularity, the platform introduces a next-generation upgrade which is expected to enhance the performance of the free FinTech Ltd. software.

The trading platform has been released by owner and creator Daniel Roberts earlier this year. After gaining a solid popularity, the developers introduce a next-generation upgrade which is expected to enhance the performance of the free FinTech Ltd. software.

As technology constantly evolves, software products are forced to do that as well, otherwise they become obsolete. In an industry that is moving faster than any other, going with the trends and even setting them, gives developers competitive advantage. The financial sphere is greatly influenced by technical developments and systems for automated trading enter the market every day.

Despite the saturation of the market, FinTech Limited enjoys a growing popularity ever since it was released earlier this year. Creator Daniel Roberts has stated on multiple occasions that the reason for this growth in interest is the fact that “FinTech offers tailor-made solutions for everyone involved with online investments”.

Now fintech ltd takes things one step further. As it is evident from the name, the company is all about developing efficient state-of-the-art financial technology. The algorithm which allows FinTech to work as effectively as previously promised by the owner, is being upgraded to face the newest challenges of the industry.

“We added a stochastic oscillator indicator in our software”, says Mr. Roberts. “The online investment industry is greatly influenced by volatility and asset value changes constantly. The stochastic oscillator is not focused on price movement or trade volume. The indicator concentrates on the speed of the movements. It has been proven that the so-called momentum of the price will change direction before the value itself.”

According to the recent research, conducted by the analysts of FinTech Ltd., this addition to the algorithm of their software would help it anticipate price reversal with higher accuracy. Positive results have come back from the initial testing of the upgraded algorithm. Clients of the FinTech Limited software already have in their possession the enhanced version of the trading tool. Recent reports show that the efficiency of the solutions has gone up significantly and the stochastic oscillator has contributed to the accuracy of the algorithm.

Market share forecasts, made by the team of FinTech, show that the potential for growth of their software has increased significantly. “We expect FinTech to become a leader in the industry, thanks to the upgrade of its algorithm,” adds Daniel Roberts. “Our proposal is highly customizable and offers a number of different opportunities. Almost 95% of our customers have given positive feedback on the system and reported highly improved results after the upgrade. The next step is to conquer the loyalty of a 100% of our clients and to attract new traders. We work day and night to provide quality service and user-friendly experience, and that will not change.”

FinTech Limited is an automated system for online investments. The software can be used on complete autopilot and across every device a user has – mobile or desktop, and regardless of the operating system. FinTech Ltd. comes free of charge and with additional special features for risk-level control and loss prevention.

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FinTech Ltd. is an online investment tool developed to optimize the tasks which its users have to perform in the trading environment. The algorithm has been upgraded to feature a stochastic oscillator indicator for the purpose of making more accurate forecasts on future asset value.

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