Financial Woes Often Lead To Divorce Explains Bailey & Galyen Attorneys

Insupportable divorces most popular type to file in Texas reports Bailey & Galyen Attorneys.

According to a recent study conducted by a Kansas State University researcher, couples who argue about money at the beginning of their relationship are at greater risk of divorce. The study looked at 4,500 couples across the nation and concluded money arguments early on lead to poor relationship satisfaction. According to Phillip Galyen, a divorce attorney with Bailey & Galyen, couples often argue about money for many years, resulting in it erroding other aspects of their marriage, leading to eventual divorce.

"Many of the insupportable divorce claims we receive are from couples based on financial issues. While the claim of insupportable has nothing to do with refusal or inability to financially support the family, these financial issues often bring out the personality conflicts and destroy a marriage so there is no possible way to reconcile. These fundamental issues, often surrounding finances, are often hard for couples to agree on, but they aren't discovered until the couple is already in the marriage." Says Galyen.

In Texas, a divorce can be either at-fault divorce or a no-fault. In the case of a no-fault divorce, neither party is legally responsible for the failure of the marriage. Either party may initiate a no-fault divorce, if the marriage has become insupportable.

Galyen elaborates, saying, "According to divorce law, an at-fault divorce requires the husband or wife to declare a specific reason why he or she seeks a divorce. The most common reason for an at-fault divorce is adultery. Oftentimes, the adultery stems from financial problems in the marriage. Other reasons for an at-fault divorce can include cruel and inhuman treatment, imprisonment for a felony conviction and abandonment. Another reason may be that the couple cannot agree on terms such as division of items or child custody and visits."

Insupportable claims are any issue that simply can't be resolved amicably, says Galyen. "Factors which go into determining whether a marriage is insupportable could be personality conflicts, concern for the emotional needs of each other, financial difficulties in the marriage, long-term physical separations, different interests, resentment and distrust, continual bickering and unchanging hostile feelings. Truthfully, it's best if the couples can agree to disagree and file for an insupportable divorce. A divorce attorney smooths the way, making sure all the paperwork is done correctly, explaining all the details and legal consequences."

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